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  • Wibbitz: What Is It?
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Wibbitz (a website seemingly named by Bugs Bunny) is gaining a lot of press lately. Chances are that you’ve seen this site mentioned or heard about it in pass, but what is Wibbitz? More importantly, do you need it? If you head to the site’s homepage, you may discover that you could, in fact, benefit from a site such as this one. Then again, Wibbitz may not work for everyone.

To put it simple, Wibbitz is a website that turns any on page text into an instant video. As you may imagine, this service can come in handy when designing a site or attempting to appeal to various audiences. Wibbitz does work well, and it’s a site worth looking into if you want to include some video clips on your site. Wibbitz is an excellent idea for businesses and Internet searchers as well.

How Wibbitz Works

The cool thing about Wibbitz is that it’s always up to date according to the content on your site. Wibbitz generates video and headline content using the words that you have posted. For example, if you run a news site, you can install a Wibbitz video player plug-in for your site. When people visit your site, they can turn any news story that you’ve posted into an instant video complete with catchy headlines.
The whole process takes just a few moments to complete, and you’ll have provided your viewers with a quick way to read through the content that you’ve posted.

Wibbitz also snags images from the images posted on a site. Setting up Wibbitz is merely a matter of inserting one line of JavaScript code, which makes this video service even easier. If this sounds like a great idea, you’ll want to check out the Wibbitz website and go through the tutorial they’ve set up. You’ll instantly see how innovative this site is.

Pricing Information

The creators of Wibbitz want to make sure that everyone can use this site. That’s why pricing through Wibbitz depends on the size of a publisher. The larger a publisher is, the more expensive the Wibbitz service is. If you happen to a be a small publisher, you can expect to use this service for free or for a very small fee.

This type of pricing is a very good idea, since smaller publishers can’t afford to spend as much money on a service such as Wibbitz when compared to a larger publisher. Additional pricing information can be found on the Wibbitz website. Not only is Wibbitz a great way for businesses to connect with a larger audience via video, it’s also an ideal way for people who browse the web regularly to skim a large amount of content.

Who Will Enjoy Wibbitz

It’s hard to imagine that Wibbitz wouldn’t appeal to a number of different types of companies and businesses. Anyone who wants to add a video element to a site is bound to find a use for Wibbitz. Since the Internet world is moving more towards video and less towards text, a site that incorporates video based upon existing text provide the best of both worlds.