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  • New Wii U Games In Development
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If you recently purchased a Nintendo Wii U, you might have noticed that this console is lacking some games. Fear not, Nintendo is well into the process of developing some new games for the console. As promised, the video game company has been working tirelessly on creating new and fun games for the Wii U, and rumors today point towards Zelda and Mario Kart making the top of the list.

Starting With the Top Games\t

When you think of Nintendo games, which games come to mind? If you are like most, Zelda and Mario Kart are at the forefront. That’s precisely why Nintendo is focusing on these games first. Even though the company isn’t saying much about the new games, rumors have surfaced (reliable ones). It has also been announced that a 3D game of some sort is likely to join the Mario Kart series and two brand new Zelda are in the works – that’s right, two.

Nintendo has been relatively quiet about the latest Zelda installments, but it is known that the company plans to bring the game back to its simpler glory days. Some tech blogs are also reporting a new Wind Waker will also be surfacing something during the fall months. Lastly, if you liked the game Kirby’s Epic Yarn, you will also enjoy something else that Nintendo is working on: a new game that includes Yoshi. What will Yoshi be doing and what will the game be about? It’s anyone’s guess, but Nintendo has confirmed that such a game will exist. The new Yoshi game will surface in June.

Nintendo Knocks It Out of the Park With Nintendoland

Even though the excitement surrounding upcoming Wii U games is definitely present, it pays to remember that the current Wii U also comes with a great game. Nintendoland is a great deal of fun and contains around 14 different games that you can easily play, but the beauty here is in the way that Nintendoland has been created.

Users can ride on a Nintendoland train, enter any game, and walk around the entire gaming world with friends. Nintendo really did a great job developing the Wii U console and the game that comes with it, so I have little doubt that the new games will be just as stellar. Nintendo will launch all of the upcoming Wii U games this spring and fall, which means that the coming months will be exciting ones for Wii U users.

Don’t have a Wii U or were reluctant to purchase one? Nintendo hasn’t sold a record amount of Wii U’s quite yet, but that’s largely because there aren’t a lot of games available for the console quite yet. Now that the company is working on releasing new titles (and won’t likely stop for a long time), the Wii U has more appeal. You can purchase your Wii U at nearly any gaming retailer and online through sites like Amazon. I will keep you posted regarding new Nintendo gaming news as soon as the company releases press information. For now, make sure to scoop up a Wii U and see what the fuss is all about.