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  • Is This Wii U All Grown Up?
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The much anticipated Wii U has finally hit store shelves. This time around, the Wii is all grown up. It’s not so much that the console won’t appeal to kids. It’s more that Nintendo has finally stepped away from kid-friendly games like Super Mario Brothers and added titles that include zombies and violence.

In short, Nintendo is trying to appeal to a real gaming crowd this time around. In the past, Nintendo has always made games that are less for gamers and more for casual players, but this isn’t the case with the new Wii U games.

Titles like Super Mario are still part of Nintendo World, but now you’ll find a whole lot of grown up games too. Will you still enjoy this gaming console if you aren’t a serious gamer? Is the Wii U the console that you’ll want to purchase for your kids this holiday season? Before you head out to those Black Friday sales and purchase a new Wii U console, take a look at what the Wii U is offering title-wise this year.

Still A Fun Console

Even though you’ll find lots of grown-up games in Nintendo World, the Wii U is still the only console that works for large groups and big families. The Wii U is also the only console that’s truly interactive. That said, Nintendo has always had tough competition, and this year won’t be any different.

You might not see a new Sony console or Microsoft console before the holiday season, but these two companies are not about to be outdone by the Wii U, and both Sony and Microsoft will certainly put out new consoles within the next two years. So, should you buy a Wii U?

Let’s take a closer look at the actual console. Since the console box isn’t much to really look at or write about (it comes with an AMD Radeon GPU, four USB ports, Flash storage, and is compatible with older Wii games), let’s focus on the one thing that’s really drawing attention: the Wii U GamePad.

The GamePad includes a touchscreen, microphone, and speakers. With the GamePad, you can control the game that you’re playing, see different game views on the GamePad, and hear everything as it happens. The GamePad can run for six hours on one charge, but this will likely depend on the game that you are playing.

What Wii U to Select

Nintendo has release a few Wii U options this time around. The 32GB Wii U is retailing for $349 and the 8GB is retailing for $299. Since Nintendo hasn’t released all games for the Wii U yet, it’s a good idea to purchase the more expensive console just in case a game comes out that needs that extra space. If you aren’t a serious gamer, though, or are buying the console as a holiday gift for a kid who just likes to play casually, the 8GB version might suffice. Both versions come with the GamePad.

As mentioned, the Wii U is currently available in game stores across North America. You can also buy the Wii U online. Which store has the best deal? Right now, the Wii U is priced the same across the board, but this might change when Black Friday rolls around, so keep your eyes open for local store offerings.