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  • Wii vs. Xbox

There is plenty to like about both the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360. The two consoles, along with Sony’s Playstation 3, blow the rest of the competition away as far as graphics, game play and usability go. In an effort to make the decision of choosing the right gaming console to fit your wants and needs easier we will compare the Wii and Xbox 360 to find out which has the edge over its competition.

Nintendo Wii

The Wii graced us with its presence in November of 2006 and has since sold more than 70 million units across the world. The two most distinct features of the Wii console are the Wii remote, a wireless controller that allows for interactive game play, and WiiConnect24 which allows the end-user to connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi. WiiConnect24 allows you to message other Wii users, surf for news and weather and even download games directly to your console without leaving the comfort of your own sofa. The Wii Remote has the ability to detect movement in three dimensions after you set up the sensor strip on your television and adds to the overall gaming experience by allowing you to point and select.

Microsoft Xbox 360

The Xbox 360, a seventh-generation gaming console released in March of 2005, has sold more than 42 million units since its release. The Xbox 360 is widely regarded for its sharp graphics and its Xbox Live service that allows end-users to compete online with other 360 owners across the world. Many hardcore gamers swear by the 360 specifically because of Xbox Live and use the service to download arcade games, TV shows, music, movies and more. The 360 also has maybe the largest game library to choose from.

So How do I Choose?

The main things to consider when choosing between the Wii and the Xbox 360 are technical differences, overall performance and price. Not only are each extremely important but the gaming consoles vary greatly in each category


The Wii uses the IBM Power-PC based ‘˜Broadway’ CPU and an ATI ‘˜Hollywood graphics chip while the Xbox uses a 3.2a GHz PowerPC Tri-Core Xenon CPU and a 500 MHz ATI Xenon GPU. In simpler terms this means the Xbox blows the Wii away in terms of graphics. As far as storage capacity, the Xbox also has a large advantage thanks to 250 GB or detachable hard drives and 512 MB of on-board storage capacity. The Wii has a 512 MB Internal flash memory SD card, SDHC card and GameCube Memory Card.

The performance of both gaming consoles is superb but each is extremely different. The Wii Remote gives an all new meaning to motion gaming with its efficiency and ability to allow users to physically interact with games. The Xbox has amazing graphics and the Xbox Live feature for hardcore gamers.


The Wii can be had for only $199 while the Xbox 360 will cost you $299. Wii games are also available for $20-$50 while Xbox games will run you $50-$70. As previously mentioned however, the wider range of games available on the Xbox is vast compared to the slim pickings for Wii owners.

Which is Better?

The Xbox is without question the better overall gaming console for hardcore gamers but the Wii is a much better option for families with younger children and inexperienced gamers.