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Tablets. The market is cornered with them. Yet, these devices keep popping up. The latest tablet to enter the market is made by a company called Wikipad. Never heard of Wikipad? That’s because this company’s main focus is engineering. Now, Wikipad has entered the portable gaming market. The new Wikipad tablet (it goes by the same name as the company that created it) is an Android tablet designed for serious gamers.

Even though the Wikipad is meant to be a portable option, this tablet seems rather bulky. Then again, it is packed with some interesting components and features. If you’re in the market for a gaming tablet, here’s what Wikipad (both the company and the tablet) have to offer.

Wikipad Specs

Being a gaming tablet, the Wikipad starts off with a NVIDIA Tegra 3 T30 quad-core processor (1.4GHz). This tablet also has an IPS display, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, and runs on Android’s Jellybean. All of these things combine to create a decent gaming tablet. Only, the Wikipad isn’t quite as impressive as other tablets in its class. But there’s one thing that sets the Wikipad apart. This tablet comes with a game controller that literally wraps around the tablet to offer gamers joysticks, buttons, and other gaming goodies.

The Wikipad also comes with a controller that makes gaming a bit easier. In some ways, the Wikipad really reminds me of Nintendo’s latest attachment for the 3DS XL, the Circle Pad Pro. Nintendo also went the wrap-around route with the Circle Pad Pro, though this didn’t bode too well for the seasoned gaming company. Yet, those who have had a moment to review the Wikipad like the way that the gaming tablet feels.

A Solid Tablet

Some Wikipad reviews point to the tablet’s solid build. Even though Wikipad is new to the market, this company hasn’t skimped on the overall feel of the tablet. This is somewhat surprising given the way that the tablet looks. It’s also been noted that the Wikipad loads apps quickly. Further, apps load smoothly, which is something that can’t be said for every tablet out there. Wikipad apps are loaded in a Flipboard type manner (stacked and flippable on the main screen).

After watching some demo videos, it’s clear that the Wikipad does operate well. The detachable gaming controller, however, seems to be a bit clumsy. Wikipad has told press that the company is already projecting excellent sales. Wikipad will officially be released on October 31st. If you like the idea of an Android tablet developed exclusive for gamers, it will cost you. The Wikipad will retail for $500 (controller included). That’s a lot of coin. As far as exclusivity goes, GameStop has the pre-sale market cornered. You can pre-order the Wikipad through GameStop’s website. It will be interesting to see whether or not the Wikipad sells. The tablet will be ready for the holiday season, which should help sales. But, this reviewer is betting that consumers will search for tablets with better graphics and optional, sold separately, gaming accessories.