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  • New Windows 10 Leaks Revealed
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What Might Be Included in Windows 10

Microsoft has plans to announce full Windows 10 details in January, but some information about the updates has leaked this morning. There are some changes in the new version of Windows, and here’s what’s known so far.

A Few Additions

The biggest change is the additional of Cortana (the Microsoft version of Siri, to put it simply). Cortana will allow users to search by responding to text and voice commands. If you have a Windows phone, you’ll be familiar with Cortana and what the app does. The new Windows 10 will function in much the same way, though slightly less useful, it seems.

The other addition that’s worth noting is the new Xbox app. This app provides users with access to the whole Xbox setup from checking on on your friend’s scores to seeing the latest achievements and other details happening in the Xbox world. Accessing your Xbox ecosystem is a quick way to check on on Xbox events.

New TaskView Details

You’ll also find new task view details that might include a brand new control panel. Microsoft has also shifted the settings button from the usual charm bar where it normally sits, so the settings panel is easier to reach. Additionally, the Windows Store now includes music and films that are included alongside games in the store.

Microsoft’s Focus

With all the changes that will be happening when Windows 10 rolls out, it’s clear to see that Microsoft is trying to focus on making Windows more accessible for users. In addition, the company wants to clearly integrate things such as Xbox, and the whole Xbox experience into the mix, and that should bring more people into the Xbox fold.

Microsoft wants to make Windows 10 more user friendly, and that’s where the company is headed with these latest updates. Cortana exists to make searching easier, and that’s going to be a big pull for some Windows users. It’s also likely to be the focus of what Microsoft mentions in the company’s upcoming press release.

The Official Announcement

News and details about the new Windows 10 have been leaked (as things tend to be on the internet), but Microsoft does have an official announcement date set for January 21st. Press has been invited to the event, and there are sure to be additional features included in the new Windows 10 that haven’t been leaked quite yet.

So far, though, these are the biggest features that can be found where the leak is concerned. It seem likely that Microsoft will have more news in store that will be announced during the official press conference. Hopefully, some of those details will include a smoother user experience, and some more information about the Xbox integration.

Stay tuned to this blog for more details about Windows 10 when Microsoft does make that official announcement. If any other leaks surface, I’ll keep you posted on those details too. So far, the new additions to Windows 10 look more than promising.