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  • Is Windows 8 Metro Lax On Apps?
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It’s been the talk of the tech world for months. Finally, Windows 8 is here. But, there’s just one problem with Microsoft’s Metro. There aren’t really any good apps available in the Windows Store. Even though Microsoft has developed more than thirty different apps (more below), most of these apps are lacking, to say the least. Built, seemingly, to simply place something in the Microsoft Store, the apps available for Windows 8 users are ho-hum.

Basic travel, weather, and other boring apps abound. The few apps that are of interest include gaming apps that have been around for some time now (like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja). This poses a big problem for Microsoft, since users aren’t likely to flock to the new Windows 8 Metro without the promise of great apps. After all, apps make today’s world go around, or so it seems. What’s a company like Microsoft to do? Well, for starters, enticing other app developers is never a bad thing.

A Variety of Apps Is Needed

As mentioned, Microsoft developed most of the apps available to Windows 8 users. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this fact, users want variety (the spice of life, non?). It’s just that developers haven’t really taken a liking to Windows 8 Metro quite yet. That’s why there’s a lack of variety available in the Windows Store. Writing script for Windows 8 apps means climbing a massive learning curve, which, in turn, means spending time and resources in order to figure out how to create apps for Windows 8.

Even if there are some developers out there who are willing to learn how to create Windows apps, the fact remains that this kind of app development will take time. After all, it wasn’t until the developers behind Instagram learned how to develop for Android that the popular photo app was available on the Android platform. Well, the same is true for those developers looking to create for Windows 8. New and exciting apps might come to the Windows Store, but, for now, Microsoft appears to be one of the few developers that can actually create apps for Windows.

The Lure of Web Apps

Some developers have gravitated towards Windows 8 touch platform. By creating web apps that are in line with the Windows 8 touch option. Atari just launched Atari Arcade for Windows 8 browser, and other developers have followed suit. But, apps for Windows 8 Metro that showcase the new Windows 8 are still needed. For now, users can take a look at some of the touch web-based apps that have been created. Many of these apps are fun, engaging, and do show off what Windows 8 can do quite well.

It might be awhile before any new Windows 8 Metro apps hit the Windows Store. So, you’ll have to sit tight if you’re looking for some apps to download. However, developers do stand to rake in a decent amount of cash after creating apps for Windows 8 Metro, so it’s just a matter of time before Windows apps grow by leaps and bounds.