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  • At Microsoft, Curved Is the Word
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First came Windows 8. Now, Microsoft has created new Windows 8 compatible keyboards. Generally, new keyboards aren’t big news. But, Microsoft has created a new design that’s unlike any other. Microsoft’s new keyboards are ergonomically correct. Further, these keyboards make typing a lot simpler (according to Microsoft).

The Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard and Sculpt Mobile Keyboard are compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, and Vista. When officially released, each keyboard will retail for around $60. This price is slightly higher than average, but it’s a price that seems to reflect Microsoft’s all new design. Why would you want a new keyboard? Microsoft’s take on the spacebar might be one reason.

All New Spacing

Reaching for a delete key with your pinky finger is tiring -- especially if you type all day long. The new Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard solves this problem. At the bottom of the keyboard sits a split spacebar. The right side of the spacebar works like any other spacebar. The left side acts as a delete key. Since the whole spacebar is spread out across most of the curved bottom, the left side delete key makes sense. Microsoft has told press that this spacing feature will eliminate the need to reach for a delete key. Instead, users simply have to tap the left side of the spacebar.

Microsoft hasn’t included the new spacebar on the Sculpt Mobile Keyboard. Presumably, the company wants to see whether or not the new spacebar will sell. Seemingly, a delete key that’s easy to use and reach is a major selling point. Time will tell whether or not Microsoft’s new design will become a popular one. In addition to a new spacebar, Microsoft has added some Windows 8 hotkeys. These keyboards also feature some detachable parts.

Ergonomic Is What It's About

Microsoft has gone the ergonomic route with the new keyboards. Both of these keyboards feature curved bottoms that allow wrists and hands to rest easier. In addition, a detachable wrist rest makes typing simpler. The new keyboards from Microsoft don’t resemble any other keyboard on the current market. And this is the way that Microsoft wants it to be. While other companies are focusing on devices, Microsoft is aiming at perfecting the keyboard.

Using a curved keyboard with a redesigned spacebar will take some time to get used to. But this keyboard may just prove to be an enviable design. Aside from the curved bottom, Microsoft’s new keyboards are sleek and slim. That $60 ($59.95 to be precise) may seem high, but this might be a reasonable price for Microsoft’s new keyboard designs. Microsoft will officially send both the Sculpt Comfort Keyboard and Sculpt Mobile Keyboard to stores across the United States on October 26th. For now, you can read all about Microsoft’s new keyboard design theory on the Microsoft website. How do you feel about a curved keyboard? Do you like the idea of a split spacebar? Let me know what you think of the new Microsoft keyboards in the comments.