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  • Windows 8: What to Expect
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Microsoft Windows 7 has been around for too long. Not only is Windows 7 buggy at times, it is also outdated. Thankfully, Microsoft is almost ready to release Windows 8 (the name for the new Microsoft platform). While not on shelves yet, Microsoft has detailed some important information about Windows 8 that many Windows users will find intriguing.

If you’re a die-hard Windows fan, you’ll want to check out Windows 8 when it arrives. Microsoft has spent many years developing this system, and it’s set to knock your socks off. Here are some of the things that you can look forward to with Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform.

Tiles Are the New Norm

Windows 8 will greet users with a unique tile interface. Everything that you’d want in a startup screen will appear in the form of colorful tiles. You can then select a tile to begin using Windows 8. Choose from basic options such as Internet Explorer (a new Internet Explorer is set to debut soon too) to more complex options such as your personal stock portfolio.

Presumably, it will be possible to customize this startup screen, so that you see those things that are important to you. Tiles aside, Windows 8 comes with many more interesting features. Features such as a lock screen that you might expect from a smartphone.

System Requirements

Microsoft wants Windows 8 to be universal. That means that Windows 8 can’t demand any more from systems than its predecessor. Those who currently run Windows Vista with no problem will be able to effectively and efficiently run Windows 8. This is great news to Windows fans who feared that the new Windows 8 would no longer work with an older system.

Windows 8 was primarily developed for touchscreens, though Microsoft has stated that this program will work just as well with a mouse. This statement has yet to be proven, but time will tell whether or not Microsoft has gone too far in the touchscreen direction without considering users who do not have any kind of touchscreen device.

The Future of Windows 8

Microsoft has high hopes for Windows 8. The multi-device program is slated to run on a number of different devices. From tablets to laptops, Microsoft is putting a great deal of faith in Windows 8, and justifiably so. Windows 8 has been in the works since Windows 7 was created.

Nearly the next day after the Windows 7 release, the Microsoft Windows 8 team was hard at work. Now, in June of 2011, the world has caught the first glimpse of the new Windows 8. But this long anticipated program is not available quite yet. Nobody can say for sure (at the time of this writing) when Windows 8 will be released.

Earlier rumors mentioned a fall 2011, release date, but this rumor has been debunked for now. Perhaps winter of 2011 will be the best time for the news Windows 8 to debut? It’s hard to say for sure, but you can expect a whole new Windows when Windows 8 does finally hit the marketplace.