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  • Skype for Windows 8: What’s New?
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Last October, Microsoft acquired Skype. For the past year, the Skype team has been slowly adapting the Skype platform to Microsoft’s Messenger system. With the launch of Windows 8 and Windows RT on the horizon, the Skype that you know is about to change. After reviewing a number of reports, it’s clear that these changes will mostly be of the positive kind. But, it will still be interesting to see how Skype and Microsoft’s Messenger merge.

Skype for Windows 8: Lot of Improvements and Seamless Conversion

One of the biggest improvements to the Windows 8 version of Skype is the way that the program runs. Right now, Skype must be open and running at all times in order to receive a ping or phone call. The new Skype will only activate when someone sends a ping. So, you don’t have to lose battery power by keeping Skype open around the clock. As far as Skype for Windows 8 interface goes, it’s exactly what you’d expect to find in a Windows 8 application.

Reviews of the new Skype platform have been positive, and Skype seems to integrate with Windows 8 perfectly. If you currently use SMS, you’ll also be happy to know that the new Skype allows users to send a text message using a Skype credit. Finding people to SMS is simple too. The updated Skype makes it possible to call, video chat, or SMS someone just by clicking on a user’s name.

A Brand New and Exciting Feature Coming Soon

There’s a new feature coming to Skype soon too. This new feature will allow iOS and Android Skype users to send a pre-recorded Skype message to callers. This feature will be useful for those who receive a number of Skype calls, and it’s not a feature that has been available yet. This new feature will be released later this year. Lastly, the new Skype will include volume controls (something that Skype should have included form the beginning in this reviewer’s opinion). Aside from the new pre-recorded message feature, Skype for Windows 8 seems to be seamless. It also seems to be an update that Skype really needed – whether or not it is for Windows 8.

Skype for Windows 8 will launch on October 26th, the same day that Widows 8 is launching, of course. On that day, Skype will be available through the Windows Store. As mentioned, this version of Skype will work with both Windows 8 and Windows ARM – make sure to read the other article on this website that talks about the difference between the two, since this difference is really important. If you’ve been waiting for a Skype update since Microsoft purchased the video calling platform, this is the update you’ve been waiting for. While Skype could still use some additional features and work, the new version of Skype for Windows 8 is smooth, it seems. Keep your eyes open for the new Skype on October 26th. Shortly following this date and release, Apple and Google will be releasing devices too, so October is bound to be a busy month!