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  • Windows 8 Gets Hacker Tough
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Antivirus programs are what protect any system from impending threats. Even though most people know that an antivirus program is necessary, few people actually run these programs. The next line of defense is to use an operating system that will help keep your computer safe. In the past, Windows 7 was notoriously easy to hack due to all kinds of security flaws. Windows 8, on the other hand, takes security measures to a whole new level.

Introducing Memory Allocation

Microsoft has decided to equip Windows 8 with something called Memory Allocation. Essentially, this means that incorrect input will be blocked and protective pages will be added to the mix. In addition to all of this, Windows 8 will automatically scrap any programs that appear to be infiltrated (a newer method called “fast fail”).

Microsoft was well aware that Windows 7 wasn’t the securest operating system in the universe, and the company is trying to make a better name for itself. By going to a number of extreme measures to protect Windows 8 users, it certainly sounds like Windows 8 will be one of the most secure operating systems out there. Does this mean that Windows 8 is entirely hack-proof? Not at all; but it will be one of the better operating systems if all that Microsoft has said about its new security measures prove to be true.

Why No OS Is Hack-Proof

It would be so much easier if an operating system were entirely hack-proof. But, that’s just never going to happen. Even Apple has recently struggled with hacker nonsense. Why can’t companies make operating systems that can’t be hacked? Because, new code can always be written. As long as there is some hacker out there somewhere who wants to hack into a system (and is willing to write the code to do so), any system will be susceptible to attacks.

Aside from using a secure OS, the only thing you can really do is to (you guessed it!) install that antivirus program. Whether you have a PC or a Mac, a great antivirus program is really your first line of defense. Companies like Microsoft are working to make sure that everything about their new OS is secure (after all, no company wants the reputation of being totally insecure, right?), but you have to do your part.

When choosing an antivirus, make sure you purchase one that will cover all of the systems on your network, and always choose one that’s up to date (as much as possible, at least). This way, if you use an OS like Windows 8 with an awesome antivirus, you will have more protection against hackers than ever before.

Windows 8 will be officially released in October, and this newest Microsoft update will be the biggest announcement from Microsoft in many years. If Windows 8 is all its cracked up to be, you could be looking at one of the best and most secure operating systems out there. But, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to have your own antivirus!