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  • Bugs Are Crawling All Over Windows Phone Apps
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Windows phones are relatively new where smartphones are concerned. Not surprisingly, Microsoft is encountering a few issues alone the way to phone glory. One of the major issues that Microsoft is battling comes in the form of some very bad bugs. So bad, in fact, that Microsoft has to shut down its App Store and suspend the downloading and inclusion of new apps for a while. The Microsoft app store is currently back up and running, but this is a good lesson for both Microsoft users and the computer giant to learn.

Inside the Microsoft App Store Bug

Microsoft has been able to pinpoint the bug that plagued smartphone users. This is a positive and direct step in the right direction. After all, half the battle when it comes to bugs is figuring out where they came from, and how to get rid of them. Microsoft released a statement detailing the bug outbreak. Seemingly, the bug sprang from various digital certificates. The bug also impacted only those who recently upgraded to Microsoft 7.5. Users who did not upgrade were not impacted by the threat.

The main problem with the Windows bug was that users could not download or update new apps. In order to fix this issue, the app store was temporarily on hold. Now, Microsoft has issued another statement clarifying the issue and letting users know that the bug has been adequately fixed. The only thing users can do now is wait, since the company has stated that the updated platform will take one to two days until issues are fully resolved. If you are using Windows 7.5, you should know that Microsoft doesn’t want you to do anything about buggy apps. For now, all you should do is wait. As soon as the repair has been completed, any problems should cease.

Is Microsoft Beta Testing?

Some Microsoft critics are pointing fingers at Microsoft over this new bug issue. Many are claiming that the company was never really ready to roll out Windows 7.5, and that the company has just been using those who have updated to test out the new version. While seemingly suspicious, this kind of behavior isn’t anything new. Often, companies send out updates that aren’t completely ready, simply because those updates feel ready. After all, there are always going to be bugs when anything new rolls out. I will point out that Microsoft was very quick when it came to fixing the bug, and that the problem is all over and done with now.

News of the Windows bug shouldn’t wreck Microsoft’s reputation too badly. In the end, Windows phones are still really new to the smartphone world. If you are a fan of what Microsoft is doing with the new Windows phones, stick with it. This company has been around for a long time, and those phones have some catching up to do. Microsoft’s response time was record, the problem has been fixed, and this whole bug ordeal will soon be in the past. In fact, other companies can learn a good deal from what Microsoft has done with this PR problem.