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  • Windows 9 Is On the Horizon
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A lot of people that use Windows upgraded to Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 – and then quickly downgraded. The latest version of Windows just isn’t that great. But, there might be a new version on the horizon. Rumor has it that Windows 9 (not the official name, but the one that makes sense) is coming soon.

Getting Windows 9

Supposedly, Microsoft will be offering a pre-release of the latest version of Windows that’s still in development. This version will be the beta edition, so you can expect a good amount of kinks. But, the news is promising considering the fact that most people hate Windows 8 and 8.1. The new Windows is expected to go out in beta form in September, though this will only be available to some users – and, again, it’s going to be buggy.

Microsoft hasn’t stated yet when the final version of Windows 9 will go out, but you can expect it to be sometime in the spring of 2015. As per usual, no pricing or other details were released yet, but that new version should be in line price-wise with other versions past. Microsoft will be bringing back the start button and adding some other features that are sorely missed to the new Windows 9. The company hasn’t release exact details yet, but there’s little doubt that the things people largely complain about with Windows 8 won’t be fixed.

A Wider Release

Another rumor surrounding Windows 9 is that users will have to agree to a TOS that includes automatic monthly updates. Much like Apple’s software, Microsoft users will have to update the program regularly if they want to use Windows 9. It’s safe to say, I hope, that Windows 9 will be significantly better than Windows 8 – the update that people loved to hate. But, this user doesn’t find Windows 8 that bad, and Windows 9 would have to be leaps and bounds better to get people to like Windows again. Still, you have to give the company credit for trying.

Microsoft has told press that people wanting to test out the beta version can go to a worldwide beta sign up site, download the newest version, and start playing very soon. Once again, the rest of the world will have to wait for an undetermined amount of time to buy a copy of the finished version. Microsoft is listening to users by updating Windows. Since Windows 8 was such a flop, the company has to do something to appeal to those that it lost. As some have pointed out, though, there can’t be that many changes made to Windows 9, since 8 was just released a year or so ago.

For more information, head to Microsoft’s website to check out the beta scoop. But remember that if you do go beta, it’s going to be a rocky ride until Microsoft fixes the kinks. What do you think of this release? Will Windows 9 be worth it when it does arrive, or do you wish that Microsoft had worked longer on this one to create something even better?