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  • Develop a Windows Phone App Without the Need for Code
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Windows phone needs apps. In order to get apps, Microsoft has to entice developers. Or, even better, ask the general public to develop apps by using pre-made templates.

That's exactly what Microsoft is doing with the new Windows Phone App Studio. Anyone - even you - can create an app for Windows Phone using the Stdio. You don't even know how to code in order to create a Windows phone app.

Creating A Windows Phone App

Microsoft's Windows Phone App Studio consists of a number of images, templates, and content that works on a drag-and-drop basis. Creating an app is as simple as setting up a WordPress website - maybe easier.

But, all apps have to be tested by registering a Windows phone and side-testing all apps. If an app functions properly, that app may be entered into the Windows phone app lineup - maybe.

Even though Microsoft wants people to create apps, anyone seeking to set up an app still has to pay the app developer fee. You can, technically, create an app that works just on your phone, but if you want that app in the Windows Store, you will have to pay the developer fee.

Another feature of the new developer store is that developers can talk to Windows support team members directly, so that creating a function app is simpler. Can you make money from creating a Windows app this way?

A Lucrative Option

If you have a really good idea for an app, but you have no coding experience, you can use the new app development system to create that app. To make money, though, you will have to pay the developer fee. Once that fee is paid, and the app is accepted by Microsoft, it might be placed in the Windows Store. From there, you can take a cut of app sales, if your app sells.

In short, this is a great opportunity for anyone with an idea to cash in on a great app. Then again, some people may just create apps that are used personally and never reach the Windows Store. Then again, Microsoft isn't the only company to have a third-party development platform that's simple to use. Both Android and other third-party companies offer similar platforms. What kinds of templates will you find in the new development center if you decide to try your hand at an app?

Existing Templates

Right now, the development center is full of menu, movie review, personal training, trip, sports, music, and other templates. There are very few customizable templates available, so putting your own spin on an app might be tough to do (and, because of this, I'd check Microsoft's ownership and payment terms).

That developer's fee is around $19, and it's completely worth paying the fee to get your app in the app store if you feel that you have created something great. The Windows Phone App Studio is now fully operational, and you can start creating your amazing apps today. If you have a great idea for a Windows app, now's the time to make it happen.