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  • Windows 10 Updates Are Automatic and Uncontrollable
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Updates are something that should usually be done, but updating software when it means that the software you are updating could break other software isn’t something most people want to do. Windows 10 users may have no choice but to update to the new software, even if the update will cause problems. If you use Windows 10, you’ll want to read this.

No Control

Microsoft has told Windows 10 users that the program has an automatic update that cannot be turned off. The program will automatically update and install all updates without any possible interference from users. How can this be possible? How is it that Microsoft can allow its software to update automatically without any possible user control?

If you look carefully at the Windows 10 user agreement, you will see a clause that states “you agree to these automatic updates without any notice.” Yep, there it is in black and white, and if you choose to use Windows 10 you don’t really have any kind of choice at all - you’re getting the updates like it or not. All of this is strictly for consumer users, but doesn’t apply to users with Enterprise or Professional versions of Windows 10. Those users will have more control over the program.

Important but Not Popular

Microsoft insists that updates are the only way to prevent things like hacks from happening, and this is true for the most part. When you update a program you do not leave any loopholes for hackers to play around with. That said, the forced updates will not be very popular with Windows 10 home users that cannot get around an update screen. When this program wants to update, users will have to do it on the spot or will not be able to continue to use Windows 10. To say the least, this is entirely frustrating for most.

Studies have shown that Windows users do not like to update and are wary of updating, but now those users have no choice in the matter. Updates are going to happen like it or not, and there’s no way around updating this time. Right now, users can still stop updates and keep control over Windows, but this won’t be the case when it comes to the newest version. Microsoft is unapologetic stating that the the updates are necessary, and users that do not update leave their machine susceptible to hacks.

Breakage Possible

The issue with the current forced updates is that these automatic updates might very well break some programs that users have at the moment. With update control, it was easy to stop the program from updating across the board. Now, that’s not going to be possible. Needless to say, Windows 10 users are not happy about this situation, but there’s nothing to little that can be done. Why Microsoft has given Professional and Enterprise users control where this is none for users remains a mystery.

If you do use Windows and see a pop up screen, I’m afraid that you are stuck updating for now. While this is not optimal by any means, it’s one way that Microsoft plans to prevent users from skipping updates and giving the company a bad name by letting hackers in.