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  • Windows 8 Preview
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Just about every computer owner on the planet is familiar with Microsoft Windows because the average PC has Windows loaded on it, changing the face of the computer world forever. Now the latest version, Windows 8 is almost ready to be released to the world.

Release Date?

As of August 2011 Microsoft will only say that Windows 8 is due to be released sometime in 2012. This version of Windows is expected to be the most dynamic update since Windows 95 is expected to integrate heavily with touch devices like the Apply iPad or smartphones.

The new Windows 8 OS will operate on any Intel or ARM processor which means that it’s not going to be an operating system that will be confined just to PC’s any longer and just like Apple, Windows will have an “App Store” that will give users the ability to purchase and download a variety of applications especially for online services like SkyDrive and their Office 365.

Windows 8 is expected to offer improved USB support and a more streamlined version of Explorer that includes many functions from Windows XP which will make Explorer more user friendly and convenient for every computer user.

What Can It Offer You?

• Quickly launch apps right from the tile touch screen.
• The tiles will stay live and always show the status of an application, if it’s updated or not.
• The apps will be very convenient for any user to use, resize or minimize at a moment’s notice plus snap or display programs side by side each other.
Big Changes

The biggest change that Windows fans can expect to see is the new touch screen interface that was inspired by Windows Phone 7. В When you boot up your computer you will be greeted by touch screen tiles that can be used for touch screen computers or easily clicked on by any mouse.

Users will still be able to enjoy their favorite Windows features like the traditional start button, task bar and desktop when you run legacy applications and with Windows 8 your will also be able to run your favorite apps alongside new touch apps. This will essentially provide any computer user with the best of both worlds.

Microsoft recently demonstrated how easy Windows 8 works at their recent D9 Conference by showing how well this OS works with old favorite programs and the new touch apps. With this version of Windows they haven’t В reinvented the wheel, they improved it and listened to their user’s feedback plus В input in order to create a version of Windows that won’t have the same problems as Windows Vista did.

Windows 8 is expected to be designed primarily for computers with wider screen resolutions. This will be helpful for people who have touch screen computers or individuals who want to run multiple applications at one time.


Developers at Microsoft have designed Windows 8 to be hack and crack proof thanks to OEM Activation and the system requirements will be the same, if not lower than that of Windows 7. This means that you should be able to load it on any computer that’s one to two years old without having to upgrade your machine.