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  • Windows Mobile 6.1 vs. Windows Mobile 6.5
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The newest edition of the Windows Mobile operating system promises to make it easier to stay connected and manage your hectic lifestyle - but can it live up to its claim? Let’s take a look at a few differences between the two versions of Windows Mobile and how they may affect the way you use your phone. We’ll be looking at features from both the standard version (for phones without a touch screen) and the “pro” version (with touch screen) for Windows Mobile 6.5.

‘Ё‘ЁDesigner Themes
‘ЁIf you’re running the pro version, Windows Mobile 6.5 now allows you to create customized themes - either on your PC or your smartphone - or download exclusive themes made by well known artists and fashion designers. While we’re all for customizable designs and being able to change your phone’s layout, this new development smells a bit too gimmicky for our tastes. We also find it a bit strange that this functionality isn’t being added to the standard version of Windows Mobile 6.5, given that the main draw-card is sexy pre-fabricated themes which don’t require touch-screen editing. No real reason to update your version of Windows Mobile just yet.

‘Ё‘ЁMSN Widgets
‘ЁWidgets are always a bit of a controversial issue, provoking either love or hate from users. Both the standard and pro version of Windows Mobile now let you download widgets from MSN, giving you real-time access to stock information, weather, and all the other stuff widgets can cover. At present the widgets seem to be somewhat limited, but hopefully Microsoft take a leaf out of Google’s book and give developers greater access and freedom to code their own widgets in the future. If you like to have information at your fingertips, this is definitely a good reason to upgrade.

‘Ё‘ЁMobile Messaging Improvements
Like Windows Mobile 6.1, both the standard and pro version of Windows Mobile 6.5 give you extensive access to social networking, email and other internet communications options. However, Windows Mobile 6.1 used to be somewhat conservative in terms of display and features, with Windows Mobile taking a step towards a more integrated system of communication. Messages now appear in threads instead of individually, voicemail messages can be automatically transcribed (a feature still with its kinks and issues, but we’re optimistic about its development), and new icons indicate replies and forwarded messages. These developments are long overdue, but it’s good to see them finally hit the Windows Mobile Platform. Both versions retain support for push email, instant messaging and most major social networking sites.‘Ё‘Ё

‘ЁEver wanted to just drag and drop your files with your hands? That’s getting a little closer, with Windows Mobile 6.5 including Gestures, a system in which your stylus movements act as shortcuts for programs, messages and routines. This is a real step up from Windows Mobile 6.1, in which keyboard shortcuts were often clunky and you’d need to burrow down trees of menus to access some options. Unsurprisingly, this is only available for the pro version, but it’s an innovative feature which will make your experience just that little bit easier.
‘Ё‘ЁShould you upgrade? If you’re running Windows Mobile 6.1 without problems, you might just want to stick with it. However, version 6.5 has a number of useful developments, most notably Gestures, which are worth checking out.‘Ё