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  • Do This Before You Ditch Your Tablet
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What do you do with old devices? Devices that you’ve been storing personal information on for months? What about a tablet that has your electronic fingerprints all over it? Do you just thrown that tablet out with the garbage? Before you ditch your tablet, make sure that you follow these steps (otherwise, someone will snag all of your personal details!).

Step I: Back It Up. Tablets are just like personal computers. If you want to keep any photos or files that you have stored on a tablet, you must back it up.

Here are the steps to backing up an Android tablet:
\t1. Tap the “Settings” option.
\t2. Select “Privacy.”
\t3. Select “Back Up My Data.”

Here’s how to back up an iPad:

\t1. Connect your iPad to your computer.
\t2. iTunes will back up your information for you.

Step II: Wipe It Clean. After you’ve backed up all of your data, wipe your tablet clean. This is a simple enough step whether you have an Android or iOS tablet.

To wipe an Android tablet clean:

\t1. Select the “Settings” option.
\t2. Choose the “Privacy” option.
\t3. Choose the “Factory Data Reset” option.
\t4. Decide between wiping out all your data or select data.
\t5. Follow through with wiping the tablet.

To wipe an iPad clean:

\t1. Tap the “Settings” option.
\t2. Tap the “General” option, and then the “Reset” option.
\t3. Choose the “Erase all Content and Settings” option.
\t4. Select the “Erase” option.

Step III: Make Sure It’s Clean. After you’ve backed up and wiped out your tablet, double-check to make sure it’s completely clean. Then, find a way to sell your tablet. Thankfully, this is not as tricky as it seems. You can trade your tablet through sites like Amazon for gift cards or discounts (devices must be in good shape).

You can also sell that old tablet on Ebay. If you do plan to sell your tablet, make sure that you look at the current going rate. You don’t want to over or under charge for your used device. Or, you could donate your old tablet to someone who could really use it.

Step IV: Consider donating your tablet. Nearly any charity can help you find someone who could use a tablet. Maybe you know someone who has a child or could use a tablet for work. The point here is that you don’t necessarily have to get something for your old tablet.

You could just share tablet love with someone who really needs or could really benefit from what you have and no longer need. If you’ve backed up your tablet and wiped out your data, consider donating your old device. Not sure where to send that old tablet? Apple has a nice charity set-up for kind folks just like you.

You can send your tablet back to Apple, and the company will donate it to a charity called ‘