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What does your current email signature say about you? If you’re like most people, your email signature consists of some contact details and maybe a website. This type of email signature is standard, but it’s also boring. In a world fueled by social media, making your email stand out is important. This is especially true if you work within the Internet world.

You can easily add your Facebook page or Twitter ID to your current email signature. But you can also take your social media status one step further by adding a stream of your latest posts, tweets, and updates. The best part is that you don’t have to be a coding whiz to make email signature streams happen. All you need to do is download WiseStamp.

What Is WiseStamp?

WiseStamp is an email tool that allows you to customize your email signature. How? You can select one of WiseStamp’s many apps. Some of the apps that are currently popular include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and now Google+ apps. If adding a small social media stream to your signature isn’t your thing, WiseStamp also has quotes, facts, and other tidbits that you can share with your email recipients.

The sky is really the limit when it comes to the apps that WiseStamp offers. If you like, you can choose more than one app to help promote your site, blog (a WordPress app exists too), and anything else that you want to share. It’s also important to note that WiseStamp keeps all of your chosen streams in a nice clean box, so you don’t run the risk of cluttering up your emails.

How WiseStamp Works

After you head to the WiseStamp website, click the “download” button. WiseStamp will automatically detect the browser that you are using. I am using Firefox, and WiseStamp had no problem detecting this browser. The WiseStamp site also provides you with the proper way to install the tool on your browser. Firefox users will have to restart the browser after downloading the WiseStamp tool.

Once restarted, you can customize your WiseStamp signature with relative ease. The design options are somewhat lacking (you can choose box or line form and a white or shaded grey box), but the available app add-ons are impressive. You can even add a bit about yourself by simply typing your information into the box that appears. The whole process is fun and user-friendly, which makes this email tool highly efficient.

Know When to Stop

It might be really tempting to add a LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, blog, and other apps to your email signature. It may even be tempting to add quotes, different signatures, and all kinds of other stuff to your emails, but I urge you to keep design in mind. You don’t want your email signature to stretch off of the page.

Keep it tight, compact, and to the point. If you currently run any kind of social media business, this email signature tool provides an excellent way to show off your skills. Simply add a stream to an account that you control, and everyone you send an email to will see what you can do – free advertising at its best!