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  • Withings: The Fitness Tracker You've Been Waiting For
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I've said it a thousand times: the problem with all the fitness trackers on the market is that they don't measure heart rates. In order to lose weight or workout effectively, one's heart rate has to be a part of the equation. Finally, there's a fitness tracker that takes heart beats into account. That tracker is called Withings.

Bad Name; Good Product

While I'm not a fan of the name of this fitness tracker (officially called the 'Withings Pulse'), this tracker does offer some thing that others do not. The Nike Fuel Band, Jawbone Up, and Fitbit are all nicely designed, but they simply don't measure heart rates. On the back of the Withings tracker is a small divot where users can place one finger. By inserting a finger, a heartbeat can be measured.

The Withings does more too. This fitness band also tracks sleep cycles, distances, steps climbed, and elevation levels. So, you can climb ten thousand stairs and then insert your finger into the device to find out how your heart is doing - and if you're in that magic heartbeat range. The device was recently debuted at the CES conference, and it should be ready to ship soon.

Pricing and Availability

The Withings tracker was supposed to ship back in March, but it took awhile for the company to actually start production. Now, it is possible to pre-order a Withings tracker from the company's main site. If you want to get your hands on this tracker (and a finger or two), the price is around $99.95. That price is right in line with competitor trackers, but it includes that essential heartbeat tracker.

Why is heart rate so important? In order to effectively lose weight, everyone has a certain heart rate range that they have to reach. It's just the way the body works. It's hard to determine whether or not that rate has been reached, though, unless you can actually track your heart rate.

Heart rate can only be tracked if you have a heart rate monitor. Monitors are great, but they do not usually count steps and distances, so this is where a tracker like the Withings comes into play. This seems like the one fitness tracking device that has all of its beats in a row. If you're looking for a fitness tracker that's worth the cash, my money is on this one.

Where to Buy a Withings

So, where can you get your hands on this amazing fitness tracker? You can head to Withings.com to check out this device. The device clips to your clothes (so maybe it's not as convenient as a bracelet or other small tracker), and it has a nice overall design - kind of reminiscent of old school pagers.

Need a fitness tracker? Go for the one that has a pulse checker. This way, you can workout, count your sleep cycles, find out how far you've gone, and make it all count by getting your heart in that target zone.