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  • WoPad V7+ Tablet: For the Angry Birds Fan On Your List
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For some, Angry Birds is losing its edge. For others, those crazy birds are just too adorable to put down. If you have an Angry Birds addict on your holiday list, nothing will make this person happier than a tablet that’s solely dedicated to the Angry Birds craze. The WoPad V7+ tablet is all about Angry Birds every way you slice it.

This tablet was built by the Shenzhen Technology Company based in China, and the tablet was designed to appease the millions of Chinese Angry Birds fans. This does mean that you have to live in China in order to get the tablet unless you can find it online. However, it’s hard to think of any other device out there that’s as dedicated to Angry Birds as the Shenzhen creation.

Angry Birds Galore

Aside from the fact that this tablet comes inside of an Angry Birds case, it also comes loaded with every version of Angry Birds you can think of – including the Rio version. There are three different versions of the WoPad including the V7, V8, and V10. These tablets are priced and named according to screen size. Want to see Angry Birds better? Opt for the V10.

Not only will you find every version of Angry Birds loaded into this tablet, but you’ll also come across Angry Birds wallpaper, apps, and screen savers. If you aren’t an Angry Birds fan, this tablet is definitely not for you. It’s not possible to escape Angry Birds if you are using a WoPad. So, what’s inside of the tablet? Well, as you might expect from a themed tablet, not too much to write home about.

Inside It All

Android 2.3, 512MB of RAM, HDMI support, 4GB of storage, and 1080p video playback are what you can expect to find inside of this tablet. Essentially, all of the WoPad tablets are the same save for the screen size. This tablet is perfect for playing Angry Birds, but it’s not the table to end all tablets, and it certainly doesn’t try to be.

As with most other Angry Birds devices, this tablet was not approved or funded by Rovio. In most instances, Rovio will support a product or theme park (as was the case with the China-based Angry Birds theme park) once the company sees how said product performs. In this case, Rovio hasn’t commented on the tablet, but this could be because the company does not know about the tablet quite yet.


Sadly, you’ll have to order this tablet from a retail shop based in China or move to China to get one. This may also mean that all lettering on the tablet is in Chinese, but this could add to the novelty factor.

Pricing information is not available at this time, but it’s safe to say that this tablet will be reasonably priced. Unless, of course, the tablet becomes a collector’s item, and then you’ll have to shell out some serious cash for a slice of Angry Birds history.