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  • WordPress buys WooCommerce
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If you use WordPress, you may not think too much about the company behind the Internet’s most popular blogging platform. WordPress is pretty much self-explanatory, so once you set it up you’re ready to go without much additional thought about the platform or the company. You may want to pay attention to this bit of news though.

The company behind WordPress (Automattic) has just purchased the WooCommerce WordPress plugin - that’s a lot of W’s!

WooCommerce is a popular WordPress plugin that essentially makes it really simple to set up an online store through WordPress without too much thought. The simplicity of the plugin is why WooCommerce is so popular, and it’s also why Automattic has just purchased the plugin along with its stellar team.

The Power of A Great Plugin

WooCommerce is definitely one of the most popular WordPress plugin options, but it’s more than that too. Even off of the WordPress platform, WooCommerce is currently behind more than 600,000 online stores. To say that people gravitate towards WooCommerce before any other WordPress ecommerce plugin option is an understatement. WooCommerce has made a massive impact into the world of ecommerce, and that is enough of an impact for Automattic to purchase the company.

Automattic will buy the WooCommerce plugin, but the company will also keep the WooCommerce team intact. As with most good acquisitions, keeping the company that’s behind the excellent app, plugin, or other company is the only way to go about buying up something that’s really working. Why mess with a good thing? And Automattic isn’t going to mess with WooCommerce too much.

A Big Team

Right now, the WooCommerce team consists of around 55 people, and that means that joining the WordPress team will expand the entire two teams to 370 people. WordPress staffers are spread across various countries too, and that will remain the same with the purchase of WooCommerce. Nothing is really going to change very much in the way of where the WooCommerce team is located or how they operate, it’s just all going to be under the giant header of Automattic now.

So what will Automattic do with WooCommerce? Even though the plugin is really simple to use already, Automattic plans to make it even simpler. You can really jump right in and use WooCommerce if you want to set up a commerce page without too much trouble, but there are still people out there setting up these pages for companies - Automattic wants to eliminate the need for that kind of hand-holding. With the new WooCommerce, everything will really just be all about one click, so that setting up your ecommerce page is as simple as setting up a WordPress page.

Still to Come

If you are interested in setting up an ecommerce page, WooCommerce is one of the better plugin options. Plus, that plugin is about to get a whole lot simpler to use thanks to the team that’s currently behind WordPress. The WooCommerce plugin is free, but you do have to pay to use various extensions, which is where the company makes its money.