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  • Startup Workspot Scores Million
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If you run a startup, you have one important goal that tends to be more important that others: procure investments wherever possible, the bigger the better. Whether you start a Kickstarter campaign or send out an email blast to those investors that you have a hunch might be interested, you’re working day in and day out to lure money your way.

Virtual desktop startup Workspot has raised a sweet $6,5 million in funding led by Helion Ventures, alongside Translink Capital and Qualcomm Ventures. The company says the money will help build an enterprise sales team to go after big accounts, targeting Global 2000 companies, and expanding its client base that already includes Fortune 500 companies.

What Sets Workspot Apart?

With all of the other virtual desktop software options already out there, what makes Workspot any better? All of them allow people to access work-specific applications and documents, but Workspot is the first to hit the market that doesn’t require employees install cloud infrastructure or servers.

It doesn’t matter the size of your business. You can deliver business apps, documents, and data to any device, anywhere, thanks to the cloud-based service -- Android devices, iPhones, iPads, Macs, or Windows-based PCs. All you need is the Workspot app, and you can work from anywhere. It’s great for a mobile sales force, or anyone who needs the flexibility of the mobile workstation.

Is It Secure?

When people think of data being stored in the cloud, they wonder just how secure it really is. CEO Amitabh Sinha assures people their model is as secure as secure can be. Data and apps don’t really have to move at all, as with similar, more complex applications. It all works thanks to infrastructure already in place.

Simpler means more affordable. Because you don’t need to revamp your current infrastructure or purchase more complex software to get it up and running, it’s much easier to implement. The IT department doesn’t have to work as hard, and users don’t need a training course on its use. They just need to download the app, and then they’re able to seamlessly open documents, apps, and data files.

The Future of Mobile Desktop?

Investors see just how much better Workspace is than its competitors. Their mobile workforce is able to be more productive, and employees appreciate the flexibility working from home offers. Companies no longer have to worry about security issues that can arise from BYOD, or the added expenses changing current infrastructure can incur. It is extremely user friendly -- all the employee has to do is open up the app on their PC or mobile device, and then enter a PIN. This brings them to their virtual desktop, complete with VPN and business files and apps.

And it’s clear Workspot is thinking ahead of the curve -- they have only just recently offered Mac support for those who use Apple products. New clients are sure to sign on, pleasing those currently running Windows virtual machines on their Macs at home. Workspot meets the challenges most virtual desktop apps face head on, and easily conquers them.