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The world is full of promising people. Why limit your business to one time zone? Technology allows us to connect with people from all around the planet. Through email, phone, and collaborative websites, we can speak with people who are thousands of miles away. The only problem is that arranging meetings and conferences calls can be a nightmare.

This problem is easily rectified with World Time Buddy. World Time Buddy is an app that makes connecting with people all around the world simple. Forget about looking up time zones and trying to figure out when everyone is in the office. There’s no need to scramble with World Time Buddy, and we guarantee that you’re going to love this app!

Simply Slide

The people who created World Time Buddy had simplicity in mind. This is apparent from the moment that you look at the World Time Buddy website. When you visit the site, your current time zone will automatically appear on the left-hand side of the World Time Buddy scale. If this information is accurate, you can then add additional time zones.

Even better, you can select a time that’s convenient for you, and slide the scale bar to see if this time is good for everyone on your team. For example, if I choose Montreal, Quebec, I can see that it’s currently 4:35 pm in my town. If I wanted to add San Diego, California, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I would see that it’s currently 1:36 pm in San Diego and around 4:36 in Pittsburgh (this could be off slightly due to my stopping to write this article!). So, arranging a meeting with clients in Pittsburgh and in San Diego for 4:36 pm tomorrow would work just fine for all of us.

Other Ways to Check the Time

Without World Time Buddy, checking the time requires a bit of legwork. You can type someone’s respective location into Google, and hope for the best. You can also ask people to get back to you with a certain time. However, both of these methods are slightly clumsy and time consuming.

Since succeeding at business is all about how you spend your time, World Time Buddy is well worth looking into. Not only does World Time Buddy allow you to select the perfect time, this app is also great for scheduling meetings.

Sending Meeting Information

Say, for example, that you’ve decided to create a 2 pm EST meeting with four clients. You’ve check World Time Buddy, and all is well. You then want to send everyone on your meeting list a notice of the pending meeting. World Time Buddy makes this task a breeze.

Simple select the time you’ve chosen, click on the “meeting” tab, and send the URL to all of your meeting participants. Within moments, you will have selected the best meeting possible, and you didn’t even have to send separate emails to everyone. As you can see, there’s very little reason not to use World Time Buddy if you work with people all over the world.