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A debilitating case of writer’s block can strike at any time. There are a thousand theoretical ways to combat writer’s block. Yet, the only real way to put words on a piece of paper is to start writing. If you struggle with writer’s block on a regular basis, you’ll be happy to know that help is on the way. Writer’s block software does exist, and these programs can get you writing again quickly.

Writer’s Blocks -- $140+

Writer’s Blocks was, perhaps, the first writer’s block software on the market. This program is slightly expensive, but it is worth the price. Writer’s Blocks relies upon an outline and note format to get you writing once again. You can jot down notes using Writer’s Block word processor, review your outline ideas, and piece the whole thing together in one swift movement. Writer’s Blocks gets your mind working and your fingers moving by evoking your brainstorming powers. Effective and useful, Writer’s Blocks is one tool that every writer should own.

WriteRoom -- $25

A very large part of writer’s block has to do with distraction. The more distracted you become, the less likely you are to sit down and write. WriteRoom is a distraction-less program that will allow you to focus solely upon writing. WriteRoom blocks out all other forms of distraction, eliminates any kind of desktop clutter, and forces you to face your keyboard. When placed into “distraction-free” mode, WriteRoom creates a black screen with green font. No menus or formatting options exist, so you’ll have no choice but to write. WriteRoom is an excellent writer’s block tool, though it only works on Mac computers.

Dark Room – Free

For those who are Mac-free, Dark Room is an appealing alternative. In fact, Dark Room works exactly the same way that WriteRoom works, only this program is free. You’ll still find minimal features, no toolbars, and an integrated word processor. A black screen with green font will make it hard to focus on anything other than writing. If distractions are constantly keeping you from finishing that page, book, or script, you need to download Dark Room.

Other Applications

There are a number of other applications available that can minimize distractions. Look for a program or application that doesn’t come with a lot of features. Unlike other software, the point of a writer’s block program is to help you concentrate by eliminating complex choices and a loaded interface. When you’re faced with nothing but a blank screen and a keyboard, (no Twitter, Facebook or other distraction) you’ll have no choice but to sit down and write.