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  • WunWun: Handpicked Errand App
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How great would it be if you could push a button and have any task completed? That’s the notion behind WunWun. WunWun is a personal assistant service provider in the form of an app. WunWun aims to provide all users with simple access to many different and personalized services –services that will come in handy when you need something delivered, picked up, or completed.

How WunWun Works

The WunWun app is designed to look like a button. By pressing on this button, you can ask the app (through voice command or text) to help you complete any task. For example, you could say: “I need to purchase roses today.” From there, you select when you need the roses and where you’d like someone to pick them up for you. WunWun will then send you a text telling you that the WunWun team is working on your request. Here’s where WunWun is different from other personal assistant programs.

Once you have made a request, the WunWun team handpicks someone to carry out your task. In some cases a WunWun team member will complete the task for you. In other cases, the staff will find someone in your area that’s qualified to complete the task. The WunWun staff combs through eligible people who are willing to complete tasks, so you don’t have to worry about safety. All of this can be done within minutes for a simple fee.

The Fee List

All basic delivery tasks come with a flat $15 fee. If you would like someone to complete a task such as dog walking, these tasks are billed at $2 per five minutes (so, a 20 minute dog walk would cost you $40). Presumably, transactions are completed through the WunWun website and are secure, though this isn’t made clear in the WunWun demo video. Right now, WunWun is in beta mode. As such, the app only works in New York City for the time being.

Similar to Other Services

If WunWun sounds familiar to you, it could be because this service is similar to the popular site Task Rabbit. The main difference here is that WunWun picks each service provider or delivery person. A site like Task Rabbit is open to all and available for all kinds of service providers (these providers are not handpicked). Is WunWun unique enough to be set apart from the rest? It’s certainly been proven that Task Rabbit is a service people want, so handpicked errand runners may be even more in demand.

Unfortunately, WunWun seems to be trying to fill a market gap that doesn’t exist. By launching in New York City, WunWun is facing an already saturated errand and delivery market. Canadians, on the other hand, do not have access to services like Task Rabbit or any other errand options, so launching in the North might have been a better move. Regardless, if you live in NYC and want to try out this app, you can download it now from the App Store (iOS). WunWun is free to download.