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  • Xbox + HBO Go

For some time now, Xbox 360 owners have been waiting for HBO Go to arrive. Now, the time is finally here (well, almost here). HBO has announced that the popular HBO Go service will be available through the Xbox 360 in April of 2012. This is huge news for anyone who owns an Xbox 360 and can’t get enough of HBO. Needless to say, the day that HBO Go actually arrives on the Xbox 360 will be a huge day for both HBO and those who love the programming that HBO offers.

All kinds of great programs are available through HBO Go. In fact, HBO seems to have cornered the market when it comes to great programming, but you’ll find all of this out when Go reaches your neck of the woods. Not sure what HBO Go is or aren’t familiar with HBO at all? Here’s what you can look forward to.

HBO Go Explained

In case you’re not familiar, HBO Go is just like HBO but this service is available through many different devices. HBO hooked up with Roku a few months ago, and some Samsung TVs can also access HBO Go goods. The move to Xbox 360 seems like a logical one from all angles. The shows offered through HBO Go are just as popular as though offered through regular HBO, though some cable providers might not offer the service once it does arrive on the Xbox 360 platform (you’ll have to check).

A Wise Move for Microsoft

Video console sales aren’t jumping these days. That’s why many console manufacturers have turned to offering consumers streaming content. Microsoft is no exception to this rule, and the computer giant may just be able to save the Xbox by offering up HBO Go. While watching a show through HBO Go isn’t exactly what Microsoft had in mind when the company created the Xbox 360 gaming console, providing content that users want is a good way to keep people interested in the Xbox.

I’m guessing that Microsoft won’t be the only gaming company to offer content that isn’t gaming-related through a console. PlayStation has already gone this route with the Vita and other consoles, and it will be interesting to see if additional console manufacturers follow suit. It’s not that consumers aren’t interested in games anymore, but it seems as though most people are now replacing consoles with tablets and smartphones. Presumably, console manufacturers will have to keep up with the changing trends or get lost in the dust.

Availability and Access

If you currently have an Xbox 360, you will be able to access HBO Go (in most areas) through your Xbox 360 in April. Specific details have not been released quite yet, but you can expect HBO Go to provide you with hours of great series and entertainment. Whether you use your Xbox 360 for gaming or for streaming some great HBO content, there’s no doubt that the news about the partnership between HBO and Microsoft will be popular throughout the globe.