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  • Console News: Microsoft Releases Xbox One Entertainment Information
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November 22nd is quickly approaching, and that means that the launch of the Xbox One is just a few weeks away. To prepare gamers for the launch, Microsoft has started letting press in on what to expect with the new console.

Take a look at the gaming console turned entertainment system that Microsoft is almost ready to release onto the world.

Inside the Xbox One's Entertainment

This isn't your ordinary gaming console. The Xbox One will actually integrate with your personal cable, various apps, and a bunch of other home media. Microsoft wants the One to be your entertainment system - not just your gaming choice. But, that's not all. The new One will work with voice commands, so you can switch back and forth between apps and functions just by talking to your new One.

What else? The One will have a home screen that (not surprisingly) looks just like the Windows 8 tile screen. The home screen will include something that Microsoft is calling 'Pins,' which will allow you to customize your home screen tiles. You will be able to stick 25 different pins to your home screen.

Every time you open up your console, your pins will be where you left them providing easy access to the things that you want to see. This console is all about entertainment customization.

Customizing Your Cable

Not only can you customize your home screen, but you can also customize your current cable plan. How does that work? Essentially, the One console will tap into your current cable subscription through the device's HDMI port. Your cable will then be streamed through the console. Why would you want to do this?

Microsoft's own guide can replace your current cable guide providing a whole new range of customization options. You can do things like set up favourite shows, create show snippets, and use the One's cable guide to find shows you want to watch - it's a more integrated experience. The 'OneGuide' will also be able to connect to apps like Hulu Plus in addition to your current cable plan. Lastly, this console wants you to play with friends.

Game Time Is All the Time

At any time, the Xbox One will be open to friend invitations to jump into a game. Even if you're watching live TV or anything else, friend invites will pop up on your screen. You can also get Skype calls mid-game. Want to play a game while watching TV? No problem - this console lets you do that too.

Microsoft is working hard to make sure that consumers understand the price of the Xbox One, and that gamers choose this console over the PS4 (due out just days after the One launches). The Xbox One is far more than a gaming console, it's a whole new way to take command of your living room. This writer, for one, can't wait to see what it can do!

What do you think of the One's entertainment options? Is this the console that you're going to purchase?