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  • Will Used Games Work With the New Xbox One?
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Microsoft unveiled the highly anticipated Xbox One the other day, much to the happiness of gamers around the world. The One garnered a lot of attention, and now we know a lot about the console that should arrive in November. But, the one aspect of the Xbox One that remains somewhat unclear is whether or not used games will work with the new console.

The answer, I'm afraid, is a bit more complex than it really needs to be. If you have old games - or want to buy used games - here's what you need to know about using older games with the new Xbox One.

More Money In Microsoft's Pockets?

When asked whether or not used games would work with the new console, Microsoft reps responded with a rather muddled answer. People that currently have older games can install those games onto the new One using a disc. Once that disc has been installed, the game is forever saved in Microsoft's cloud. You don't need to use the disc ever again to play a game. Sounds good, right? There's just one small problem.

An Xbox One console takes a sort of digital print of an installed game. This is how games are saved to the cloud without fuss. But, this may also mean that a game can only be saved to one Xbox One. So, you know that used game that you just bought from someone else? When One arrives, that game might not work on your console if the old owner has already installed it on their One console. See the problem?

Microsoft's Response

When probed, Microsoft issued a statement saying that the console was developed so that people could buy and sell used games at retail prices...somehow. How or why or which way it will work remains to be seen. Microsoft isn't giving up any additional details about the console or playing used games on a console.

You might have to delete a game from your account once it's sold, or Microsoft could use some other form of game credit. The fact remains, though, that used games don't really offer retailers any big bucks, so it would make sense to get rid of the used market altogether. Interestingly enough, Sony is developing a similar kind of used game console with the upcoming PS4. It's not clear whether or not you will be able to play used games using the PS4 either.

The Price of New Games

If Microsoft (and other gaming manufacturers) start getting rid of the used gaming market, consumers are going to have to pay top-dollar for games. One has to wonder if this model will actually work. Right now, consumers are scooping up mobile games that are free or cost less than $5, so asking consumers to pay around $60 for new games might be a stretch.

There's always the possibility that Microsoft might have a better idea in store for new game pricing or for used game sharing. Right now, though, the company's responses on the topic remain convoluted. Should the new Xbox play used games as well as new ones?