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  • New Xbox On the Horizon - Does It Stack Up?
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Microsoft has just released a new Xbox upgrade. The Xbox One S is on the horizon and it’s a console that some gamers wanted the first time around. There are a few major differences in design and speed that you’ll notice off the bat. Additional changes make this console great in many different ways - here’s a closer look at the Xbox One S.

Size Changes

The first obvious change is the size of the new Xbox. The One S is much more compact than its predecessor, which is somewhat surprising given all that’s packed into it. But this console won’t take up as much room on your shelf or wherever you decide to put it. Microsoft claims that this version is actually 40% smaller than the previous one - the company has also gotten rid of that massive power brick (rejoice!).

Support and Displays

The One S comes with Ultra HD Blu-Ray support and can stream 4k video. This console also supports HDR contrast on both games and video. So right away you’ll be able to do more faster with the One S. Another nice feature is that the One S works with Bluetooth devices - a nice addition. But as nice as these additions are, there are some problems with the extra bits too.

Feel and Look

Aside from the fact that the One S is much more compact, there are a few design details to consider as well. The One S comes with a controller that takes on a slightly different shape and that’s fine. The part that’s not so okay (to some reviewers) is that the controller feels much cheaper than controllers past. So if you like the feel of a heavy controller in your hand, you may have to get used to this newer version.

Some Drawbacks

If you buy a One S, you’ll probably want to know that this console works best with newer TVs. In fact, the Blu-Ray, HDR, and 4k settings only work with newer TVs. So if you still have an older TV, you may not want to switch out your older Xbox for the One S quite yet. Or just know that you won’t be able to use all of those cool new features and supports until you upgrade your TV.

Another possible drawback is the price. The One S retails for $399.99. Now, that’s a price that most people have gotten used to paying for a console, but it’s still on the high end for a lot of people. If you factor in the information above (that you need a newer TV in order to really use everything this console has to offer), the One S becomes a pretty pricey new toy.

Release Date

Usually new toys like this one arrive right before the holiday season, but Microsoft is holding off on the new One S. The One S will arrive late in 2017 -- an exact date has not yet been released. The Xbox One S is a pretty great little console that supports some excellent features and is compact. The One S also gets rid of that bulky power cord that we all wanted to see go a while ago.

But should you upgrade? If you have a newer TV and you want something a bit more visually appealing, go for it. Otherwise, it’s probably not going to change much about the way that you game.