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  • Yahoo May Be Ready for a Takeover
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Yahoo has been quiet for some time now. While the world is abuzz with Google news and social media updates, we haven’t heard much from Yahoo. Some even thought that Yahoo was largely a thing of the past – which it might be. Today, Yahoo abandoned four of the company’s top entertainment blogs. The Famous, The Amplifier, The Projector, and The Set have all been officially shut down.

There are a few rumors circulating as to why this has happened, but Yahoo has not made any official announcements yet.

Out of all the big companies on the Internet, Yahoo is one of the few that hasn’t made much of a foray into the social media world. This is something of an anomaly, since one of Yahoo’s biggest competitors (Google) is knee-deep in the social media world already. So, why hasn’t Yahoo attempted to set up a social media site? Perhaps it’s because the company isn’t going to be around much longer.

The End of Yahoo?

It has been rumored for awhile now that Softbank Corp. and Alibaba have been interested in obtaining Yahoo. The recent news that Yahoo has shed some of its top entertainment sites may be further proof that Yahoo is ready to be purchased. What will this mean to avid Yahoo fans? It’s hard to tell whether or not Yahoo will scrap all of those popular blogs and channels right away. Any company that may purchase Yahoo could keep everything intact. Then again, Yahoo has already started to shed some unnecessary weight by dropping the four entertainment sites mentioned above.

Either way, it seems clear that Yahoo is set to make some changes. Whether the company will be purchased is up for debate, but you can expect to see a different Yahoo emerging sometime soon. Those who want to get on the tech investment bandwagon will do well to watch all three companies (Alibaba, Softbank Corp, and Yahoo) throughout the next few months. For some, the possible end of Yahoo makes the end of an era, for others, Yahoo has been lagging for some time now.

Yahoo Hasn’t Kept Up

While Google, one of Yahoo’s top competitors, has created all kinds of different services including Google Docs, Google Reader, and, of course, the popular Gmail, Yahoo hasn’t really change that much over the past ten years. As companies like Research In Motion know all too well, change within the technology sector is vital. A company that doesn’t change is a company that will largely be left behind. Sure, Yahoo does have a mail service, but Yahoo Mail has been behind Google Mail for some time now. Simply put, Yahoo hasn’t kept up with modern trends and changes.

Then again, Yahoo is a different sort of animal. Many people rely on Yahoo for news and updates of the entertainment kind. Much like MSN, Yahoo provides people with general news information, and some people still prefer to use Yahoo over Google when it comes to searching. Still, Google seems to have won the search engine battle, though Yahoo was around when Google first began (something that few people remember). If you’re a Yahoo fan, you can expect to see some changes and news coming from the company within the next few months.