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It's hard to find a lot of Yahoo Mail users. But, this wasn't the case some years ago before Google's Gmail became the popular email option. Back then, Yahoo and Hotmail ruled the email airwaves (or Internet waves), but now it's all about Google. Well, Yahoo hasn't left the building yet.

Yahoo has just created a brand-new email design. This new design is targeted at getting Yahoo Mail users back. Will it work? That depends on what people like you think of Yahoo's latest handiwork - it doesn't hurt matters that Google doesn't have the trust it once did, either.

Yahoo's Newest Mail Redesign

It's interesting to note that Yahoo's latest mail design looks a lot like Gmail. Really, it does. The design is minimalist, sets up like Gmail, and has some comparable Gmail features. But, it also draws from some of what Flickr's got, and that's not a bad thing.

Yahoo's newest Mail design allows users to choose background images chosen from Flickr. In addition, users can expand conversations directly inside of an inbox, use a magnifying glass to see every conversation ever had with a user, and a compose button that lets you pull up a white template that just hangs over your inbox (kind of like what Google has going).

Some Additional Features

Yahoo has also created free disposable email addresses, which I'm betting will be a really big deal for new Yahoo Mail clients. These disposable addresses allow Yahoo users to create duplicated (or 'disposable') email addresses to give to marketers, so that one's usual inbox doesn't become too cluttered. See how useful that could be?

The one thing that new Yahoo users might not love is that fact that Yahoo's new inboxes aren't ad-free. You'll find a lot of ads in your new Yahoo inbox, but you can get an ad-free version of the email service for $50 per year. So, Yahoo hasn't done away with paid premium offers completely. When all is said and done, Yahoo's complete mail overhaul is nice to look at and nice to use - it's also a great way to try and win some of the email market back. But, will Yahoo's efforts pay off?

Can Yahoo Get Some Users Back?

With all the noise coming from the NSA news, a lot of people that once trusted Google may not trust that company so much any longer. Even though Google has adamantly said that the company did not give away sensitive information, this isn't a belief that many people are finding truth in. In short, this is a perfect time for Yahoo to pounce.

Whether or not Yahoo's new Mail design will stick is unknown, but it is about time that Yahoo pay more attention to its mail option. Yahoo Mail was once the kin of the castle, and there's a possibility that Yahoo may be able to claim the throne once again.

Will you use Yahoo Mail? Or, is Gmail still your preferred mail client of choice? Let me know below!