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  • Yahoo Mail Now Supports Dropbox
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Yahoo is ahead of Google, that's a first. But, it's a first that will please many Dropbox users. Today, Yahoo has announced a partnership with Dropbox that makes attaching files saved in the Dropbox cloud easier. When sending an outbound Yahoo message, Yahoo mail users now have the option to attach a Dropbox file.

How great is that? You can now use your Yahoo mail and Dropbox account all rolled into one. Come on, Google, get with the Dropbox update! Yahoo and Dropbox have cooked up another feature that Yahoo mail users will love too.

New Dropbox Features

Not only can you attach a Dropbox file to an outgoing message, you can also save any email attachments directly to your Dropbox cloud. If a colleague sends you an attachment, go ahead and save it to Dropbox. You'll be able to access that message at a later time without a problem. There's another benefit here too.

Yahoo mail comes with a 25MB storage limit. But, this limit no longer applies. Why? All Dropbox files are stored in the cloud, and cloud storage doesn't count as mail storage. See how great that is? Now, you can save hundreds of files to Dropbox, and you'll never have to worry about going over your mail storage limit.

Yahoo Makes the First Move

Most of the time, Google is the company that's moving mail forward. This time around, Yahoo takes the cake. Yahoo made a great move by teaming up with Dropbox. Dropbox currently boasts millions of users, and the cloud service also supports a number of different languages. Dropbox users looking for an email provider will likely turn to Yahoo because it all just makes sense now.

Why hasn't Google thought of this? Who knows; but Google is definitely going to want to catch up to what Yahoo has just implemented. Otherwise, Gmail users will be left in the lurch, and nobody wants to be left in the lurch! If you have Yahoo mail, you can use this service now. Of course, you'll need to set up a Dropbox account first, but that's easy to do.

An Important Yahoo Move

Yahoo needed to make this move. When was the last time you heard anyone boasting about Yahoo mail? It's about time that the company stepped things up. Yahoo used to be a popular mail name, but Gmail largely took over. Now, Gmail users are left a bit behind, while faithful Yahoo users take advantage of Dropbox features and benefits.

Granted, there are still some great Gmail features that Yahoo mail doesn't offer, but it defiantly looks like Yahoo is trying to catch up. Finally, Yahoo has awoken! Let's keep our fingers crossed that Yahoo will keep trying to improve things.

For now, we'll take the vast improvement that is Dropbox, and everything that comes with it. What's next for Yahoo? I can't wait to find out. If the company keeps moving in the progressive direction, things will take a big turn for the better!