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Buying an electronic device requires a good deal of commitment. Not only do you have to decide whether or not to fork over the cash for that expensive gadget, but you also have to figure out what brand, make, and model to select. Visiting a local electronics store in order to gain product information is one way to test out device, but these in-store “tests” are relatively limited.

A new website called YBUY is aiming to break the way that consumer shop for electronics, gadgets, and other devices.
YBUY allows you to purchase a membership (monthly), and then test out any product that YBUY currently offers. After your one month trial has expired, you can decide whether or not you want to keep the item. Not only is YBUY a brilliant sales and marketing site, but its’ also a site that many consumers will get a great deal of use out of.

Here’s how YBUY Works

After signing up for an YBUY account (approval could take a day or two), you will be able to see the many top-quality products (from the likes of companies like Dyson, Apple, and various others) that YBUY has available. After clicking on an item, you will see two prices listed. The first price is the price of the actual item (YBUY claims that the site will offer prices that are lower than retail prices). The second price is the $24.95 trial price. If you click the trial price button, you will be asked to pay the monthly fee and provide YBUY with your address information.

YBUY will then send the chosen product to your residence, and you can play with this product for an entire month. At the end of the month, you can decide whether or not you want to keep the product that you’ve been testing out. If you decide to send the product back, YBUY will provide you with a free means of shipping the product. If you decide to keep the device (the main goal), the $24.95 that you paid initially will be applied towards the price of the item. As you can see, YBUY is a service that will quickly gain in popularity.

Availability and Details

Right now, YBUY has just ended beta testing, which means that the site is now open to the public. Unfortunately, YBUY is only available in the United States (at the moment). If you happen to live in the U.S, you will need a valid U.S. credit card in order to use the YBUY site. Now, if you’re thinking “why don’t I just keep the device I test?” YBUY has that angle covered too. Presumably, you must have enough credit on your credit card to purchase an item in-full. This way, any item that is not returned (or damaged) to YBUY will be charged to your credit card.
There’s no doubt that YBUY is offering a service that many people will find immensely useful, but one has to wonder about a product that doesn’t work when sent – will consumers have to pay for this product?

This information might be covered in the agreement that you’ll have to sign when you sign up for a YBUY account, so make sure to read the fine print carefully. Paranoia aside, YBUY is a great site that will save you a lot of shopping around and trouble – not to mention the fact that this site will help make the decision to purchase expensive items a lot easier.