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  • The Yoga from Lenovo
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I’ll admit it, when I first read the name of the new Lenovo notebook, there was a quick eye-roll. After all, it seems like everyone is cashing in on the “yoga” name these days. However, after taking a look at what the Yoga can do, the name of this device seems to fit just fine. The Yoga is the first (according to Lenovo) notebook to stretch and twist in a variety of different ways.

The result is a notebook that you’ll find oddly appealing if you have ever struggled to get the position of your laptop or notebook just right.

Aside from trying to adjust a notebook screen to avoid a glare or help you see a screen better, there are other reasons why the Lenovo Yoga might be one notebook to consider (more on that in a bit). Right now, the Yoga has just debuted at the CES conference in Las Vegas, though it is bound to hit consumer shelves sometime soon. So, what can you expect from a notebook that bends and stretches in every possible way?

About the Yoga

It’s hard to say much about the Yoga right now, since the notebook has just surfaced at the CES conference. What can be said is that this machine is flexible, small, and running Windows 8. Windows 8? That’s right, the Yoga might be the first notebook to run Windows 8, and, as such it might be a notebook that takes some time to hit consumer shelves. Even though Windows 8 has gained some great reviews, but the OS is not actually available yet.

Windows 8 aside, the Yoga was meant to be a hands-on kind of device according to Lenovo. The company’s not all wrong though, today’s consumers do want a device (any device, really) that can be touched, manipulated, and played with. Thanks to a number of smartphones that just beg to be touched, putting your hands all over a notepad makes a lot of sense. Apparently, Lenovo has been paying close attention to what consumers want out of a notebook. Then again, Lenovo may have missed the mark when it comes to price.

Availability and Pricing

Officially, Lenovo hasn’t given the Yoga any real pricing yet. However, reviewers across the board expect this notebook to be sold in the $1200 range. If this sounds like a lot for a notebook, just think about the, well, ThinkPad. ThinkPads aren’t cheap, but they are the one notebook that business people all around the globe seem to rely on. Simply put, the notebook crowd is a different kind of group – one that might just pay over $1000 for a notebook that can twist, turn, and do the downward dog in style (ok, that last part is a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the picture).

Keep your eye on Lenovo over the next few months to see if the Yoga actually comes to light. If it does, this might be one notebook that you’ll want to check out in-store – if for no other reason than to see how far this notebook can really bend.