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Chances are that you want to do good. You want to donate food, clothing, or money to a worthy cause this holiday season – and after the holidays have come and gone. But, you may not know where to bring those items. Where would you bring canned food that you’d like to go to New York’s homeless? How can you help those in need on the West Coast? If your answer to these questions is “I don’t know,” you aren’t alone. This is where the social good site YouGiveGoods comes into play.

This site lists all kinds of worthy causes, and lets people like you know where to send money, food, or how to donate to an important cause. The site is easy to navigate and simple to use all-around. Even better, YouGiveGoods will help you do good, and that, in return, will make you a good person. If you are itching to help someone out this holiday season, here’s how to use the YouGiveGoods site.

Using YouGiveGoods

On the front page of YouGiveGoods, you will see various options including “start a drive,” “support a drive,” and “find a contest.” Since the other two are self-explanatory, I’ll go over the details of “find a contest.” The “find a contest” tab will bring you to current contests happening within the United States – in other words, pledges and food drives that have to meet a certain monetary goal. You can also start your own contest.

If you don’t want to start a contest or start a food drive, you can simply donate by clicking on the “support a drive” tab.

When you visit the “support a drive” page, you’ll find that you can search for a drive according to geography, a regular and specific search, or a general search. The geography page is somewhat scarce at the moment, but this is a new startup (so keep this in mind).

Conducting a general search brings up various charities and shelters that are currently accepting donations. Each charity has set up various ways to donate food and other items. Sending goods to a charity is simply a matter of clicking on a particular link and following the instructions listed.

Setting up a drive is easy to do too. Simply register for a YouGiveGoods account, fill in the necessary details, and set a start date for your drive (most drives are beginning towards the end of November at the moment). From there, advertise your drive as much as possible via social networks and other means.

YouGiveGoods makes it simple to donate, set up a needed donation drive, or begin a donation contest. If you want to do good this holiday season – or just because you are a good person – make sure to check out YouGiveGoods.

There are lots of ways to help the world around you from giving food donations to sending money and even providing other services to people in need. The holiday season should be about more than receiving gifts and other presents, and YouGiveGoods makes it simple to make the world a better place. Visit the YouGiveGoods website today {{www.yougivegoods.com|Site Link}} .