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The YummySoup application is a great resource for storing and sharing recipes. The app makes it easier than ever to share recipes with friends and family. Next time you bring that classic casserole to a party, you wont have to worry about gathering information and remembering to send recipes out to people who request it.

With this app, you can send it as soon as they ask, right from your mobile phone, in beautiful and intuitive formats that are sure to impress. The app can be purchased for $19.99 (currently on sale for $14.99) in the App Store, and is available in English, French, Spanish and German languages.


Organization is possibly the most important feature of the YummySoup application. Organizing recipes can be a real nightmare. Many people use bookmarks in their favorite recipe books, index cards and/or printed out recipes from the internet, but it can get overwhelming fast. Variety is an important aspect of nutrition and basic health, which means that ideally one would have a lot of recipes accumulating in his or her kitchen arsenal.

In this modern technological age, it only makes sense to organize recipes in digital format. YummySoup app makes it as easy as possible to make the switch with highly advanced web importing technology for any recipes already stored in digital format, as well as simple, one-click recipe imports from a majority of the popular recipe sites on the web.

Recipes are sorted automatically, based on keywords within the recipe. The app also helps users organize their meal plans with easy drag and drop calendars. Once the week's meals are planned out, this app can compile a grocery list based on the ingredients listed within the recipes. Private notes can also be added to any recipe for secret ingredients, or for remembering who liked or disliked which recipes.


This cool feature allows users to subscribe to their friends, family and favorite cook's recipe folders. Users can organize their recipes by type, and friends and fans can subscribe and receive any new recipes or changes made to recipes in the selected folder. If your mom is a dessert genius, subscribe to her dessert folder and stay updated on all her newest creations, as well as old favorites. Users can even edit their contact's recipes by dragging it to their library.

Appetite for Aesthetics

Aesthetics play a large part in the food industry. A meal may taste amazing and be nutritious, but if it looks boring, many people will not take the time to prepare it. The YummySoup app is not only a great way to organize and share recipes, it also allows users to customize the format of their recipes with a wide variety of aesthetically appealing templates.

The overall theme of the application can be customized to match anyone's tastes, ranging from an elegant menu style format, to an efficient and simple scrapbook style organizer. The format of the individual recipes can also be customized in styles that are easy to email and print. Styles range from classic index cards, to a large letter type format, or a 4x6 inch photo card.