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There are all kinds of different ways to approach feeling better. Aside from visiting with your general practitioner occasionally, a number of other health experts can make you feel better from head to toe. Massage therapists, regular therapists, personal trainers, and many other experts are worth your time and money (especially if you have a good insurance plan!). The problem with seeking this kind of health help is that finding a qualified professional in your area (who you can afford) is tough.

A new site called Zeel aims to make searching for these health experts easier. Zeel’s aim is to connect all kinds of alternative health experts with people seeking these treatments. The idea behind Zeel is a great one, but how does the current site stack up? After taking the site for a test spin, there are a few great things about Zeel and some things that could be added to the site. Here’s what you’ll find if you decide to give Zeel a shot.

How Zeel Works

When visiting the Zeel site, you’ll see a box where you can enter your current location. From there, you can plug in your zip code and search for the type of practitioner you are seeking. For testing’s sake, I choose to look for a nutritionist in Stratham, New Hampshire. Zeel couldn’t fulfill my request, but the site did find plenty of yoga instructors and other instructors in the Stratham area. After finding an instructor who looks good to you, you can read other Zeel client reviews (the site allows you to review a service following treatment).

From there, you’ll see the prices that a therapist or instructor charges, and you can book an appointment directly online. If you want, you can contact an instructor directly to find out more about the service offered. Right now, Zeel doesn’t have a lot of instructors lined up in every state, but I’m guessing that this will change with time. As it stands, Zeel is a clever site that will match people with health providers of all types.

Costs and Signing Up

All costs associated with a service will appear directly on the Zeel site. As soon as you look at a provider’s page, you should see everything that you want to know about pricing and other details. Many health providers also include website information, so you can really get a feel for the services offered. If you happen to be a health provider and you want to share your services on the Zeel site, you can do this with relative ease too.

To sign up as an expert, you will have to fill out a Zeel form. Once Zeel approves your submission, you will be able to offer your services to Zeel clients. Since Zeel is new at the moment, the site is offering new users a $25 coupon towards any service. You could spend hours looking for a masseuse or trainer online, but Zeel makes searching for these health experts easier. After all, your time is worth something, and this is a concept that Zeel seems to grasp very well. If you need some guidance or instruction in your life, take a look at Zeel.