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  • Zipline to Deliver Aid to Remote US Areas
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Zipline is an interesting startup that’s serving a real purpose in the world. The company uses drones to deliver things like medicine and water to remote areas that are in need of aid. This past year, Zipline worked with the United States government to bring blood and medicine to remotes parts of Rwanda.

The drones delivered these items with much success, and now Zipline is about to launch a similar program in the United States.

Help Where It’s Needed

Zipline will begin to deliver food, medicine, and other items to various parts of the United States including Washington, Maryland, and Nevada. These states have rural communities that are hard to get to by foot or with any type of land vehicle. In particular, Zipline will be delivering items that are needed for survival to Native American reservations in these states.

Zipline uses small drones that are capable of carrying packages filled with life essentials to various parts of the world. Zipline’s Rwanda test worked very well, and now the company is looking at the US as its next target area. So far, Zipline has worked with the US Government to bring these items to people in need, but there’s plenty of room worldwide for the company to grow.

The Drone Issue

The main issue that Zipline has when it comes to the company’s services is that it’s not simple to fly drones in every airspace - or in any airspace, really. Governments need to intervene so that Zipline’s drones can function without being shot down or causing any kind of international incident.

The drones are manned entirely by Zipline and simply fly over areas in need dropping packages where required. Since the drones are clearly marked (and it is well known what the company will be doing), Zipline’s drones are anticipated with excitement by people in need. Further, Zipline is delivering items that are vital for survival.

A Larger Purpose

It is not uncommon for people living in war zones to require basic necessities like blood and water and medicine. However, it is not easy for aid workers to reach these remote places - often, it is dangerous for organizations to provide the aid that is needed. Zipline can fulfill those needs easier than a lot of aid workers and organizations since the company has drones that can rather simply fly over and drop off packages to people in need.

However, Zipline is not always met with open arms. In areas where terrorism exists, getting medicine and other supplies to the people impacted by terrorism (in particular) may mean going against terrorists that are holding people in a particular area hostage. These terrorists do not usually want aid to reach people that are being held.

On the flip side, Zipline can send drones to camps where refugees are being held - and drones can deliver items faster than a lot of other delivery methods too. Zipline is expected to begin delivering items to remote areas in the US within the next few months.