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There are plenty of project management tools out there. So many, in fact, that deciding which one to use means spending a lot of time and energy reading through website material. Not only is this time consuming, it also defeats the purpose of time management.

Instead of searching for project management tools, consider using Zoho. Never heard of Zoho before? Amazingly, Zoho manages to fly under the radar, though thousands of people use this tool regularly. As with most project management tools, Zoho allows you to collaborate with other people on projects, share ideas, and perform other project management tasks.

But, this project management tool does a lot more than those things too. In addition to be an excellent way to manage any project, Zoho is also a free tool. That’s right, you can use all that Zoho has to offer for free. Now, how’s that for an ultimate project management tool? Really, it’s hard to beat a tool that’s free and comes with everything you could ever want in project management.

Nitty Gritty

So, what does Zoho have that other project management tools don’t? Well, a time-tracker, for one. You can track the hours that you put into a project and you can even send a client an invoice that shows all of those hours tracked. Now, this may not be what you want to do if you are a contractor who’s already under enough deadline pressure, but this tool also provides project managers with a way to keep track of employees.

In addition to time-tracking, Zoho also detects and fixes any project bugs that may arise. If you have dealt with project bugs before, you know just how great this tool can be. There are few things more frustrating than attempting to complete a project that’s full of bugs. Zoho will wipe these bugs clean before you get to that finishing point. You can also generate project reports, talk with project collaborators online, and set up project meetings right from the Zoho interface. Speaking of interface, Zoho has a great one.

Clean and Easy to Use

Right from the start, you’ll notice that the Zoho interface is clean and easy to use. Bright colors, large icons, and simple tutorials bring you through the whole Zoho process. All of these things make using this project management tool a cinch. When you want to track your time (a great tool for anyone looking to find out where the time goes) or discern how a project is going, all you really have to do is mouse-over a tab to figure out how that aspect of this tool works. Zoho is a great tool for users of all levels to use, and I highly recommend that you check this tool out if you have project management tasks to complete.

If you’re looking for a project management tool, you will enjoy what Zoho has to offer. Because this tool is absolutely free to use, it tops the project management charts. To get started, just sign up for a Zoho account (www.zoho.com) today.