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If you could block ads from appearing on your tablet, smartphone, desktop, and laptop, would you? Mashable has drawn attention to a devices called AdTrap that effectively traps and blocks ads, so you never have to see another ad ever again. This device sits midway between your router and your modem silently. Shaped like a small box, AdTrap doesn’t draw too much attention.

But, underneath that silent steel exterior is a powerful Linux computer that’s been programmed to stop all kinds of known ads. AdTrap is an open device that can also be updated frequently, so any new ads that are developed will be trapped just as simply as older ad types. Does AdTrap sound like something that you’d like to get your hands on? There’s just one small catch.

Investing in AdTrap

The AdTrap device is in development and nearly complete. Only, AdTrap cannot be purchased at the time of this writing. Instead, you will have to head over to the crowd-funding site Kickstarter in order to support AdTrap. The developers behind this device are hoping to raise $150,000. So far, approximately $20,000 has been donated. The AdTrap team has just a few weeks to raise the funds that it needs (until December 8th). Will the startup succeed? This remains to be seen, but you can help the development of the AdTrap device by pledging a few dollars of your own. Unless, of course, you like all those advertisements.

The tech blog Mashable was the first blog to bring AdTrap to public attention. Mashable also reports that companies are taking AdTrap quite seriously. Recognizing the threat, some blogs and sites are asking consumers not to add a particular site to the AdTrap roster. As soon as AdTrap has been programmed to block a particular ad from a particular website, that site’s ads will no longer be shown. Obviously, this poses a threat for smaller sites that depend on ad revenue. On the other hand, many sites tend to abuse the advertising factor, leaving readers with nothing more than a large number of ads to sift through in order to read an article or post.

Delivery and Cost Options

As mentioned, AdTrap is currently a Kickstarter campaign. As such, it’s impossible to tell when this device will ship, or if AdTrap will be successful. In case you aren’t familiar with Kickstarter, a company must raise all necessary funds in order to complete the distribution or creation of a device. If AdTrap can’t raise the necessary funds, the company will have to find funding elsewhere. However, AdTrap has already created a retail price for AdTrap should the product succeed.

How much will it cost to block every ad imaginable? The AdTrap device will retail for $120 when the device does go to market. Is $120 a good price for a device that will block all ads? Are you sick of ads enough to fork over $120 for AdTrap? It will be interesting to see whether or not consumer go for AdTrap. There’s no doubt that this device will be popular with many users, but one has to wonder if some companies will prevent the sale of AdTrap from happening.