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  • Agent G and Synchronizing Your Media Updates
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It’s somewhat of a faux pas to synchronize updates in the social media world. Those who are caught are often ridiculed by others. Then again, the “others” in this instance are actual people who get paid to post updates to various platforms every day. Allowing an app to post to multiple platforms each day would put some people out of a job.

However, those who argue against synchronizing updates do have a point. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus are drastically different from one another. The same rules that apply to Twitter updates don’t apply to Facebook or Google Pus updates. LinkedIn is another animal altogether. So, what is one to do with Agent G? A web app (G+ account, really) that automatically posts links to your Twitter feed?

How Agent G Works

Agent G is a Google Plus web app. Technically speaking, Agent G is a Google Plus member. When you place Agent G in one of your circles, you allow the app to access your Google Plus account. From thereon out, you can choose to allow Agent G to post your Google Plus updates to Twitter.

Is this a good idea? Well, that depends on how you look at the situation. Right now, people are posting all kinds of things on Google Plus. Some people are treating this new social networking platform like Twitter or Facebook. Others are attempting to carve out Google Plus rules by noting what should and should not be posted on this platform. Many others are simply confused by Google Plus.

Will Agent G Stay?

Google has made it very clear that non-human G+ accounts are not welcome. Seemingly, Google is trying to avoid useless games and various thread hijacking accounts such as the ones that can be found on Facebook. But, many people are already finding Agent G useful and somewhat funny.

As more and more people sign up to use Agent G, one has to wonder if this Google Plus account will continue to exist for more than a few weeks, or until Google has caught wind of the account, and proceeds to shut the account down. It may even be possible that while you’re reading this article, Agent G no longer exists.

Then again, Google may have discovered that users actually enjoy what Agent G has to offer, and this account may be allowed to stay. Certainly, this will entice other non-human account set ups throughout the platform, but that’s for a different article.

Should You Use Agent G?

This depends on how active your Twitter account is. If you interact with people regularly, retweet items, and spend a lot of time forming relationships, allowing a bot to send out automatic posts may not be the best way to cultivate those relationships. If you’re particularly clever, you may be able to post items on Google Plus that your Twitter followers will not protest.

Really, it’s all in the way that you post, and the content that you post. This reviewer doesn’t recommend allowing a robot to control all of your social networking platforms. Doing so will result in a loss of Twitter followers. But, you can cut back on some of the work by allowing apps such as Agent G to post a few of your links and ideas for you.