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  • Almond: A Touchscreen Router
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Routers can be complicated. Almond makes this process easy. Almond is a new router that includes a touchscreen interface. As such, Almond is the first of its kind. Rather than mess around with configuration programs, Almond lets users simply touch its screen in order to setup any kind of basic router activity. Almond is not a router for the more complex Wi-Fi configurations, but it is ideal for home Internet activity.

Setting Up Almond

The beauty of a touchscreen device is easy to follow instructions. After connection Almond, users simply have to follow the on-screen prompts. Even better, Almond creates password and SSID information for you, so you don’t have to mess around with those complicated settings. Password information can be changed at a later time (highly recommended), but this too is a simple task. Almond’s screen consists of colorful block, or tiles, that are emblazoned with basic tasks. For example, tapping the “Security” tile will bring you to security settings. From there, you just have to follow the prompts.

Adding Devices

One of the trickiest things about a router is adding a device to a network. Almond makes this task simple too. Using the touchscreen, users simply have to tap the “Add” tile, and then choose the correct device. As with all other Almond setups, adding a device simply means following the on-screen directions. What could be easier? Almond’s touchscreen is fairly responsive, too, which makes getting your network up and running very easy.

Purpose of Almond

Almond appears to border on the edge of novelty. This isn’t a router that you’d use if you are a photo editor or serious gamer. But, it is an excellent way to set up a router if you just want to check your email, use some social networks, and go about your everyday Internet activity. The great thing about Almond is that it’s a really easy device to use, which is why Almond will appeal to a lot of consumers who don’t want to mess around with router configurations. In addition, Almond just looks cool.


Let’s be honest, there’s nothing lovely about most routers. Little more than black boxes with blinking lights, routers are boring. If you love the thrill of a new device that looks nothing like the rest, Almond will appeal to your design senses. The device sits on two legs, has a colorful touchscreen, and doesn’t look anything like any other router on the market. The price to own such a router is a bit high, but $79 isn’t too much to pay if you want something that’s uber-easy to set up. Almond is also solid as far as speed goes. While this isn’t a super fast router, it won’t slow your connection down either.

You can purchase Almond right now through sites like Amazon. Once you receive this router, all you have to do is power it up, follow the instructions that are listed on the colorful screen, and have complete peace of mind that your router is functional and won’t require any additional fuss.