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  • Amazon’s Instant Video for Wii and Wii U
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Amazon is the undisputable King of content. When that content comes to a console near you, it’s big news. Amazon recently announced that its Instant Video service would be available to Wii U users. Yesterday, Amazon furthered that announcement by bringing Instant Video to users who have an older Wii console too. If you have a Wii, you will want to know about Amazon’s Instant Video. Why? Because Amazon offers more than 140,000 movies and TV shows on-demand, that’s why.

Using Amazon’s Instant Video for Wii

The best way to explain Amazon’s Instant Video is to compare it to Apple TV or any other rental service or system. Wii U and Wii users can now access Amazon’s Instant Video, choose any one of more than 140,000 different television and movie titles, and rent those titles to watch at home. But, that’s not all. It is also possible to pause a movie or TV show mid-view and resume watching that content on an Apple device (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch).

If you happen to be an Amazon Prime member, you will also have access to many free movies and television shows. How many free options exist? Oh, more than 30,000. Not a Prime member? If you’re into movies and shows for free, you may just want to sign up. Amazon decided to offer Instant Video to Wii users after console owners were disappointed that the service was only available for use with the Wii U. The Wii U has received mixed reviews prompting many Wii owners to hang onto older consoles. Now, all Wii users can have access to Amazon’s amazing content world.

To Activate Instant Video Do This

First, you will have to connect your Wii or Wii U to your wireless network. Can’t remember your router password? It might be time to look it up. Once connected, you will see a number of different Internet accessible options including an Amazon selection. Clicking on the Amazon icon will bring you to Amazon’s main site where you can then access Instant Video.

As far as prices go, Amazon’s Instant Video prices are comparable to Apple TV’s prices – if not less. Many new titles can be rented for $3.99 and purchased for around $14.99. It’s going to be tough for the likes of Apple to compete with Amazon’s thousands of titles. Heck, it would be difficult for any company to compete with Amazon’s thousands of titles. Amazon Prime members definitely get the long end of this stick, though, since the content company is offering up some of the best television and movie titles for free to subscribers.

In case you’re wondering, an Amazon Prime membership will cost you $79 per year – or just over 20 rentals at $3.99 each. So, you’ll have to figure out if the Prime membership is worth it or not (if you rent a lot of movies, it’s worth the cost). Incidentally, Prime members also get a bunch of other Amazon perks like free shipping. If you have a Wii or Wii U, make sure to check out Amazon’s new Instant Video feature – it will put your local video store and Apple TV to shame.