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  • Amazon Moves to NYC
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The Wall Street Journal has recently reported some interesting news about Amazon. The massive company has decided to open a brick and mortar store in New York City. According to reports, the store will also serve as a warehouse for the company, but people will be able to walk into the new Amazon store and buy things.

What kinds of things? Since Amazon sells everything from slippers to technology, it’s going to be rough for the company to decide what to stock in-store.

Location and Details

WSJ reports that Amazon will stock things in its flagship store like Kindle tablets and Fire devices. The location of the store is one of the most popular in Manhattan, and sits right across from the Empire State Building (and near the Macy’s flagship store). Not surprisingly, Amazon will open its doors at the start of the holiday shopping season, so that’s likely to be at the end of the month.

As far as storage possibilities go, Amazon seems to be lining up the store/warehouse to coincide with the company’s same day delivery service, which will happen in the NYC area, it seems. Amazon will be using NYC as a trial area, and the company is expected to expand to other parts of the world if this store works out. It’s really interesting to note that an online giant such as Amazon is opening up a brick and mortar store, but it might actually be a trend that other retailers follow.

Hard to Beat Foot Traffic

While the online world offers retailers many advantages, a number of online retailers seem to be looking more and more at the real world. It’s really tough to beat the throngs of people that walk by a store in the heart of Manhattan, and an Amazon store will really bring people in, but maybe not keep them interested if the store only sells Amazon devices.

Amazon has always been one of the business models to carefully study when it comes to a really low-cost model. The company’s expenses are cut back drastically because Amazon has always been an online company, but that’s going to change when the company moves to a physical location and starts shipping stuff same-day.

Then again, this isn’t the first time that Bezos has moved to physical locations. In the past, he has created grocery stores, locker spaces, and other ideas that do cost money in the real world.

Amazon has also created some temporary spaces in malls and other locations, so this isn’t a complete stretch, but it’s still a first for the company.

Buying at Amazon

As mentioned, you should be able to pick up some items at the new Amazon store in NYC this November (likely around American Thanksgiving), so look for that massive store if you plan on visiting the city that never sleeps anytime during the holiday season.

Since this is a permanent location, though, the store will be there throughout the next year as part of the trial run - so far, there has been no direct comment on this new location from Amazon representatives, though this is likely to change in the coming weeks.