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  • Analog Camera for iOS Is Here
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Looking for an uncomplicated photo editing app for your iOS device? Look no further than Analog Camera, making sharing photos a simple, three-step process. This analog camera for iOS was developed by RealMac software, the company that brought you Clear, the simplified to-do list app.

If you are looking for multiple filters or a decent amount of control over things like contrast, brightness, and saturation, you'll probably want to look elsewhere.


Analog Camera is a simplified photo editing app, offering less features than KitCam or Photo Toaster. Instead, it brings you a couple of features to save you time and more conveniently share your photos.

Upon launch, you'll see the viewfinder which allows you to snap a picture. At the top are thumbnails of the photos in your library, which you can access by simply swiping down. The image you get is square, as with Instagram.

After selecting a picture, you'll choose a filter. There are only nine filters to choose from, all laid out in a grid. Tap a filter to see what it looks like when applied to your photo. Change your mind about the picture you selected? Just swipe down to cancel the project and start over from the beginning.

Sharing and Saving

You'll see the typical iOS share dialogue box when choosing to share, allowing you to post the photo on Facebook or Twitter with a message or caption to go with it.

You can also save the image to your camera roll, open in another photo editing app on your iPhone, or send it in a email. Regarding opening the image in another editor, Analog Camera covers all the bases with apps like Instagram, Photo Toaster, and even Dropbox along with others.


There are many other photo editing apps out there that offer more filters and features. If you love checking out different, unusual filters, you'll want to find another app. If, however, you are looking for a quick, easy way to share a photo on the go, this is the app for you: it only takes a minute to get the job done.

It would be nice if there were more filters to choose from, or even a way to adjust brightness or contrast, but that really isn't the point here. If that's what you're looking for, download a more feature-rich app.

Additional Information

This app does its job nicely: it gives you a way to take a picture, quickly add a filter and share with your Facebook friends or family members via email. The interface and its swipe controls make it a smooth process as well. If you were to add additional filters or fine-tuning, the process would take a lot longer, and the point is to simplify the process.

If you want a quick way to share photos with your friends without all the frills and fancy add-ons you never use, download this app for $0.99 in the App Store. If, however, you are looking for more, don't waste your iPhone storage space.