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  • Android App Scare: Find Out if Your Apps Are Safe
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If you’ve been tuning into the news lately, you’ve probably heard that some Android apps aren’t safe. Unlike iPhone apps, it is possible for anyone to create an Android app. Once a rogue app has been downloaded this app could contain a Trojan or two. Why would anyone create apps that are laced with viruses? Some people just like to ruin all the fun.

Unfortunately, there’s little you can do once you’ve downloaded a Trojan. What you can do is check to make sure that all of the apps on your Android phone are free of any virus. There are a few ways to do this. Here, we explain how you can find out if your Android phone is safe.

Manually Check Each App

Before you hit the “install” button, take a moment to read about each app. When reviewing an app, you’ll see an “About the Developer” section on the bottom of each app screen. Once you locate this section, take a look at the other apps a particular developer has created. If you come across a developer that’s created string of suspicious apps, don’t download anything from that developer.

What’s suspicious? Here’s a lineup that you’ll want to avoid: “Cool Wallpaper for You,” “Hot Ringtones for You,” “Snappy Wallpaper for You.” All of these apps sound exactly the same, and they are likely to be laced with viruses.

Know Your Developers

If you’re really into all things tech (and why wouldn’t you be?), you can take the time to get to know reputable developers. Rovio, for example, can be trusted while “Bird Guys” cannot. You can also take a few moments to research each app you can considering on our site or on the Internet. We’ve covered a lot of apps and developers here, so make sure to take a closer look before you install any app.

Don’t Grant Permission

If an app that you’re not familiar with requests permission to do a number of different things, you may want to think twice. Apps shouldn’t need to access your phone numbers, address book, and other personal details. Of course, this depends on the app, but revealing too much information can be avoided by adhering to the advice listed above. If you know all about the app you are going to download, you can trust an app to grab only necessary information.

Security Apps
You wouldn’t own a computer that isn’t secure, so why own a smartphone that doesn’t have a security app? Download a reputable security app, and scan every additional download you are considering. These security applications can prevent you from downloading anything that you shouldn’t. Remember to stick with recognizable brands.

Use Your Wits

Lastly, use your brain when it comes to downloading an app. If a wallpaper app seems suspicious, it probably is. Ask yourself: can I live without this app? It’s fun, and addicting, to download apps, but you don’t want to risk ruining your smartphone for good.

Treat your smartphone like you do your personal computer. Purchase security protection, be wary of strange downloads, and make sure that any app you want to install has been developed by a reputable developer.