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  • 'Angry Birds' Coming to TV This Fall
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Can't get enough of Angry Birds? This fall, when you get stuck on a certain level and throw your phone down in frustration, you will be able to tune in to watch your favorite Angry Birds characters on your TV and other video-capable devices.

Rovio Mobile has announced the plan to air a series of 52 episodes this fall, each only two-and-a-half to three minutes in length. The plan is to air the episodes on as many screens as humanly possible, including your television. View on phones and iPods by installing an app specifically for the shows.

It's All About Partners

Back in January, Rovio partnered with Samsung with the goal of developing an app specifically for for Samsung's lineup of Smart TV televisions with internet connectivity. They really want to reach every screen they possibly can, and this partnership is just the beginning.

When it comes to the animation, Rovio acquired Kombo, a Finnish animation studio, in June of last year with the hopes of turning the gaming giant into a television sensation. Rovio is really looking to delve into the thoughts and feelings of each character, giving the fans a glimpse as to what really makes these birds so very angry. They believe the fans will really enjoy them and breathe a whole new life into their game playing experience.

Broadening Their Fan Base

Rovio's head of animation, Nick Dorra, feels that this is the logical and important next step in the Angry Birds' growth process. Giving fans a chance to watch on any screen at their disposal ensures those who wish to see the latest episode as it airs don't miss a second. He feels it is time for the birds to move a little further away from the slingshots and pig slaughtering and more towards the individual characters themselves. This will in turn attract new Angry Birds fans, those people (and you know at least one of them) who refuse to play the game, reaching fans who wouldn't otherwise play in a way that is most comfortable for them.

Dorra suggests broadcasters should take note of growing use of apps for mobile devices, including games, saying their use is ever-increasing. In the United States alone, people are watching up to 160 hours of television each moth, while those using the top-rated apps are doing so 20 hours per month. With the rate it is growing, broadcasters would not be wise to ignore its popularity.

They could also learn from Rovio's same-date-worldwide Angry Birds Space launch. That is not the norm, with some areas of the world given access to games and shows before others. He feels this worldwide launch date is a smart move for any broadcaster or app developer, and believes it is only a matter of time until his idea is reality.

What's Next For Angry Birds?

The same month Rovio acquired Kombo, they also snagged David Maisel, formerly with Marvel Studios, as an adviser. This smells of movie-in-the-works to me, but Dorra will only say “it's in development.” He says if a movie is released, it will be a long time coming, most likely 2013 or 2014. Dorra promises new games as well, some not related to Angry Birds. Of course, more Angry Birds versions will eventually be relased, and Dorra says they reach a level of game play never seen before.