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  • Taking Notes With the aPen
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It’s not often that a pen is the topic of tech news. Then again, the E Fun aPen is more than a simple writing tool. While this pen does allow you to scribble or take notes, it also sends any information you record back to your computer or smartphone. Essentially, the aPen is all you really need for going back to school, running a business, or traveling.

The aPen is not the first of its kind, but it is a pen that’s likely to become a very popular tool. E Fun has priced the aPen around $120, so it is affordable for most business professionals. Whether or not the average student can drop that much on a stylus is another issue, though the aPen is a fun item to have.

Sending Information Back to Your Smartphone

The aPen 3 was designed to work with BlackBerry and Android devices. This means that iPhone users are left out of the loop for the time being, at least. You can also use the aPen with any PC. So, how does this pen work? Like something out of a James Bond film, the aPen 3 simply records anything that you write. The pen actually stores all of your strokes, so that everything you write will be sent back to your smartphone.

This includes drawings, sketches, notes, and even short notes that you want to send as instant messages. Through wireless Bluetooth technology, aPen makes it possible to keep everything you write on your computer or smartphone. Even though the aPen is intriguing and seemingly innovative, there are some reasons why you may want to think carefully about buying this pen.

Some Drawbacks

As I mentioned, this is not the first pen of its kind. It might be the first pen that sends information to your smartphone, but this is not the first pen that records hand-written information. This brings me to the first problem with the aPen: you still have to write stuff on paper in order to send it to your smartphone or computer. Why would you write a small note and send it as a text when you can just type a text using your smartphone? This remains to be seen, but it is the example that E Fun hits you with when you view the company’s video.

The other potential problem with this pen is that some pens of this kind do not recognize all types of handwriting. Now, if your penmanship is great enough to address wedding invitations for the Queen, you may find aPen amazingly accurate. If not, you may discover that some of your words do not come out just right. I suggest testing this pen out before you purchase it.

Who Can Use the aPen

There’s no doubt that the aPen would make a great gift for someone who’s technically-minded. It may also be worth a buy if you like to store everything you write on your computer. Or, if you happen to find yourself want to send written notes to your smartphone. I just can’t wrap my head around the notion that many people still write with pen and paper. Even students use tablets or laptops these days, it seems. Still, the aPen will, no doubt, appeal to some people. Traveling business people or students who like the old school approach to note-taking, perhaps?