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  • What to Expect from Apple's Announcement Today
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Apple will be making a major announcement today, and that announcement is expected to be the unveiling of the long-awaited Apple watch. The Apple event will be live-streamed at 1PM EST today.

If you want to watch every moment of the announcement, you can do so from Apple’s website. If you just want to know what happens during the announcement, make sure to come back to this site to read a follow-up review.

It has been many months since the rumour that Apple was making a watch first emerged. During that time, there have been many speculations as to what the watch will include. Here are some of the things that you can expect to find when Apple does make the watch announcement today.

Things to Look For

-Apple will likely announce iOS 8.2 along with the new Apple watch. This rumour is likely true, since the watch will need a software update, and iOS 8.2 makes sense. It should also be pointed out that Apple has been testing iOS 8.3, so we might hear something about that as well.

-A golden watch. Another popular rumour is that Apple will announce a gold watch that will retail for ten-thousand dollars. This rumour might be true, and that much money in the luxury watch world isn’t so much (though it might be a lot for a tech gadget).

-Other Apple products. Word has it that Apple will also unveil a new Apple TV, a new MacBook Air design, and an iPad Pro. All of these expected announcements seem plausible too, so you can probably look forward to a few new devices from the company today.

-Apple mentioned a $349 base price back in September of last year, but that price might be higher or lower now. You can still expect the watch to be in the $300 to $400 range.

-New apps: some sources report that Apple has been asking developers to create apps specifically for the Apple Watch. These apps have been developed in private, but the watch will likely come with various apps that you can’t get with any other Apple (or other) devices.

-Nightly battery charge: Apple also mentioned that the watch will likely need a nightly battery charge, but this could also change. Given all that the watch is supposed to do, a regular battery charge does make sense, but you never know if Apple will stick by this semi-claim.

-Design: there are all kinds of rumours flying about the new watch design. Some speculate that it will resemble a high end watch, and most photos flying around right now include a watch with a metal band and a square face. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple chooses a completely unique design for this watch, since the company wants to set itself apart from competitors.

-Availability: this is the biggest question of all, and the simple answer is that Apple is expected to make the watch available in April.

Apple notoriously keeps details about all of its products under wraps, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what the company will actually detail during the announcement. Stay tuned for an update post-unveil!